Oceans Apart from the Rest. It’s been Nordhavn’s slogan for nearly 30 years, and time after time, we have proven just how literal a statement it is. While others claim to be the best at producing seaworthy, long-range cruising yachts, Nordhavn actually does it. Through engineering practices, design philosophies, no-shortcuts mentality, experienced team, same-ownership group, and adventurous owners who have taken their boats to the actual ends of the earth, Nordhavn has proven year in and year out, that we are the undisputed leader in ocean-going passagemaking yachts.

As the old saying goes, if you’re gonna talk the talk, you better walk the walk. Consequently, we have launched a new advertising campaign entitled “Oceans Apart from the Rest” which features a series of ads that very descriptively points out the criteria that makes this slogan true. In support of each advertisement, we are presenting the details and facts that back up the statements made in the campaign via this, the “Oceans Apart from the Rest” Ad Campaign Web Complement.

Simply click the ad below that you saw to find out why and how we can make the claims we do.

*Updates are being continually made. Check back daily for the latest.

Nordhavn Passagemaking Statistics ad, first run in September 2017 editions of PMY, Passagemaker, Ocean, and Boat International.

Yacht Manufacturer Questionnaire ad, first run in October 2017 editions of PMY, Passagemaker, Ocean, and Boat International

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