N46 "Kanaloa"3
N4318 "Kosmos"1
N4674 "Egret"1
N5263 "Dirona"near
N6218 "Rover"1
N6215 "Karma"near
N4021 "Nordhavn"1

A Nordhavn 40 holds the world record for the fastest circumnavigation by a production power boat of any size.

N4651 "Othmani"1 (p. 86)
Ghanim al-Othman, on board Othmani was the first Arab to circumnavigate. Othmani completed the circumnavigation with paravanes only.

N7609 "Reliance"1

N46 "Salvation II"1 (p.52) (p. 86-87)
Salvation II is the first production power boat ever to circumnavigate the globe.


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