N9614 "Vivie Rae"Maiden voyage HK to Bali
N7605 "Reliance"Antarctica, Cape Horn, Cape of Good Hope
N7202 "Shear Madness"Disko Bay, Greenland
N6819 "Migration"Svalbard, Norway; Disko Bay, Greenland

Nordhavn 68 “Migration” traveled further North than any private production motoryacht – to 81 degrees – 27 minutes north.

N6805 "Sans Souci"Crossing Bering Sea
N6417 "Kapowai"Atlantic loop
N6305 "Ithaka"South Georgia Island, Cape Horn
N6230 "Walkabout"Crossing Bering Sea
N6208 "Grey Pearl"Crossing Bering Sea
N6204 "Seabird"Crossing Bering Sea
N5728 "Ice Dancer II"Cape Horn 2x
N5710 "Bagan"Northwest Passage

Nordhavn 57 “Began” has transited the Northwest Passage from East to West

N5538 “Skie”Circumnavigated Australia
N5263 "Dirona"St. Helena to Barbados 3,900 nm
N4674 "Egret"Cape Horn 2x, Greenland
N4337 "Opal Lady”Circumnavigated Australia
N4315 "Venture"Circumnavigated Australia
N1201 "Aurora"Above Aleutians

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