Our first advertisement in the campaign, the Nordhavn Passagemaking Statistics ad, ran in the September 2017 issues of various boating magazines. It presents a list of cruising achievements made by different Nordhavn owners. Other brands boast about a single yacht making it around Cape Horn or having crossed an ocean. But Nordhavn’s track record of well over a hundred ocean crossings, multiple roundings of Cape Horn, and record-setting expeditions is beyond compare. See the proof below. As always, even right now, yet another Nordhavn is making some sort of passagemaking milestone. We’ll be consistently updating this database, so check back often.

As always, we invite your questions at info@nordhavn.com.

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Nordhavn Stats:

• Over 150 Nordhavns have successfully crossed the Atlantic, Pacific and/or the Indian Ocean

• Eight Nordhavns have successfully circumnavigated the world

• Four Nordhavns have rounded Cape Horn – multiple times

• A Nordhavn 40 holds the world record for the fastest circumnavigation by a production power boat of any size

• A Nordhavn 68 has traveled further North than any private production motoryacht – to 81 degrees – 27 minutes north

• A Nordhavn 57 has transited the Northwest Passage from East to West

• South Georgia Island has been visited by only one production powerboat –  a Nordhavn 63

• RELIANCE, a Nordhavn 76, has visited the continent of Antarctica

• The largest fleet of production powerboats to cross the Atlantic in convoy  – not once or twice but three times

• Dozens of north – south transits of the South China sea

• Dozens of east – west Mediterranean transits

• At least three Australian circumnavigations

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