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The fleet will rendezvous in Portsmouth, R.I., at least two weeks before the scheduled departure date.





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May 10
Fleet gathers in South Florida
(location to be determined)
May 10-16
Departure preparation, seminars,
briefings, social events
Leg 1: Florida to Hamilton, Bermuda (600 nm)
May 17
Slow fleet departs
May 18
Fast fleet departs
May 22
Fleet arrives in Bermuda
May 22-28
Briefings, social events, shore-side tours
and preparation for departure
Leg 2: Bermuda to (1,800 nm)
May 29
Slow fleet departs
June 1
Fast fleet departs
June 10
Fleet arrives in Horta, Faial, Azores
Horta Marina
June 10-18
Briefings, social events, shore-side tours
and preparation for departure
Leg 3: Horta, Faial, Azores to Gibraltar (1,100 nm)
June 19
Slow fleet departs
June 21
Fast fleet departs
June 26
Fleet arrives in Gibraltar
June 26-July 3
Social events, shore-side tours,
preparation for entry into the Med.
July 4
U.S. Independence Day celebration
and Rally Commencement festivities
Gibraltar's famous cavern
Note: Departure dates are weather dependent and subject to change. Arrival dates are approximate and
will vary with vessel speed and weather conditions. Distances are approximate.



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