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During the past 15 years, the name Nordhavn has become synonymous with power vessels capable of crossing oceans. Superior seaworthiness and ranges of 2,000 to 3,000 nautical miles and higher have been their signature characteristics, all made possible by their ruggedly built, full displacement designs. With models ranging from 40 to 62 feet, the Nordhavn line of passagemakers has become the preferred choice of knowledgeable cruisers who have ambitious, blue water plans. In fact, no other production boats today are so uniquely qualified to take a couple or family around the world in such comfort and safety.
Now, Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) brings its passion for building exceptionally seaworthy vessels to the world of semi-displacement, moderately fast passagemakers. Because of the increasing demands of today's busy lifestyles, there has been a growing popularity of trawler-styled yachts that reach speeds in the 12 to 15 knot range. More and more cruisers, many of whom are avid sailors, have found their cruising horizons significantly widened if they can economically travel at speeds in the low to mid teens. Indeed, the term "fast trawler" has become a popular marketing category. Naturally, with increased speeds comes a higher rate of fuel consumption and a consequent decrease in range. Yet it is the compromising seakeeping ability of many popular "trawlers" that ultimately limits them to close range, coastal cruising. With the introduction of the Nordhavn 35 Coastal Pilot, PAE raises the bar for seakeeping performance of today's moderately fast coastal passagemakers. Utilizing many of the design features and building techniques that have allowed Nordhavn owners to safely cross oceans and circumnavigate the globe, the 35 Coastal Pilot is unlike other currently available semi-displacement boats. The only limitation of this vessel is the result of its fuel carrying capacity (a still generous 590 gallons), not its ability to handle rough seas and heavy winds.

The first in a series of Nordhavn Coastal Pilots was designed to provide two people with comfortable, spacious accommodations, since in reality most passagemakers are run by a couple with only occasional overnight guests. Without the need for additional staterooms, the 35-foot size range was found to be ideal. One large, private stateroom; one household-sized head with a stall shower; a workable, fully equipped galley; a spacious saloon with a dining table for four; and a helm seat built for two are the highlights of the 35's inviting interior. This boat is at once friendly, cozy and serious in purpose. To sailors used to being "below," it is spacious, airy and full of natural light. To those familiar with the ubiquitous "teaky trawlers," it represents a refreshing approach that combines low maintenance practicalities with the romance of salty, work boat aesthetics. Like all Nordhavns, the 35 is a perfect balance of form and function designed by those who have spent a good part of their lives at sea.

Realizing that the majority of today's cruising is done well within 300 to 400 miles of fuel stops, the 35 has a range of 400 nautical miles at its top speed and a range of over 900 miles at a comfortable 8 knots. Throttle back to 7 knots, and the range climbs to over 2000 miles, giving her owner a wide variety of options. When threatening weather or time deadlines require a quick transit, the 35 can get up and go. When sea conditions dictate slowing down or schedules allow, the 590 gallon fuel capacity will provide ranges approaching that of her full displacement sisterships.

The overall size and dimensions of the 35 will appeal to those who are making the transition from sail to power. Interior volume, the cockpit and the deck space are greater than most 40-45 foot sailboats. The owners will appreciate the all-around visibility from the main saloon as well as the protected, interior steering station. Experienced power boaters with larger, more complex and expensive-to-maintain trawlers or planing vessels will also be attracted to this unique vessel. "Downsizing" to this very capable boat that is easily run by two people without a lot of fuss and expense will make sense to many seasoned cruisers.

An added bonus of the 35's overall dimensions is that it can be economically transported over land to one's favorite cruising grounds. Think of all the possibilities, such as spending a summer in the Northeast, having the boat trucked to Florida to spend the winter in the Keys and Bahamas, and then shipping it to the Pacific Northwest to experience the beauty of the San Juan Islands on the way to an Alaskan adventure. Returning to one's original port via an exploration of the Great Lakes is very possible with a vessel of this size and capability.

PAE continues to embrace the advantages of heavily constructed, full displacement designs for those who dream of crossing oceans in comfort and safety, and it is passionately devoted to building its current line and developing new, oceangoing models. It also recognizes that many knowledgeable boaters would love to own a vessel of Nordhavn's overall quality yet do not require the extended range of a full displacement design. Likewise, many boaters today are not in the position of having the time to take long, offshore voyages. Instead, they could get a lot more use out of their boat if it could cruise in the 10 to 12 knot range. For all these reasons, PAE has introduced the 35 Coastal Pilot, the first in a series of highly capable, semi-displacement power vessels.

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