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This Model Is No Longer In Production
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The Nordhavn 50 Underway.
On a test run during commissioning, this Nordhavn 50 is cruising comfortably at l0 knots.


The Nordhavn 50 represents the best of both boating worlds. Designed for bluewater voyaging off soundings, she is equally at home moored in the world's most glamorous harbor or tied up at one's favorite yacht club. Born with the same uncompromising dedication to the principles of the full displacement hull that gave rise to the globe-circling Nordhavn 46, whose origins were inspired by Captain Robert Beebe's book Voyaging Under Power, the Nordhavn 50 creates a new standard in long range cruising yachts. Ruggedly built and capable of crossing any ocean, she brings a refreshing, contemporary sense of style to a world grown weary of look-alike, cookie-cutter trawlers.

With a modern, full displacement hull that has evolved from the traditional ocean-voyaging passagemaker, the Nordhavn 50 fuses a unique blend of seakeeping ability, surprising performance and modern styling. It is the product of extensive tank testing, a progressive advancement of the successful ocean-crossing designs by Jeff Leishman and the Nordhavn design team at Pacific Asian Enterprises. Indeed, the cumulative effect of making a number of meaningful refinements to a pure, full displacement hull design results in a level of performance that will satisfy many of those who are considering a semi-displacement boat. At the same time, the offshore integrity of its fundamental, full displacement design philosophy remains intact.

When considering the purchase of a new yacht, it is important to clearly define how that yacht is to be used. One must first match their requirements to a particular kind of boat and then to a specific model. It may be helpful to know that Nordhavn owners in general have very ambitious cruising plans and actively use their boats for serious, long range voyaging. Whether one's plans include crossing oceans, exploring out-of-the-way spots along distant coasts, or simply discovering new gunkholes in one's own cruising area, Nordhavns provide their owners with a safe, comfortable and luxurious home at sea. The Nordhavn 50 in particular is the ideal size for a couple who prefers to run their own boat without a paid crew and yet needs the space and amenities that will easily accommodate children or frequent guests. Compared to other 50-foot boats, the Nordhavn 50 is in a class of its own. Consider its cruising range, quality of build, rugged construction, styling, seagoing capabilities and last, but not least, its excellent resale value. The Nordhavn 50 is indeed a new breed, ready to go the distance.

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