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Mark Hood of Bermerton, WA, asks:

I am very interested in the fact that you've chosen to have both active and passive stabilization. Do you have both mainly for redundancy, or do you feel that it improves the ride to have both going at the same time? Also, if you had to choose between one and the other for that boat, which would you pick?

Jim Leishman responds:

We do have both the paravane system and NAIAD active fins aboard NORDHAVN. We have not used the paravane system much. However when it gets real rough, deploying the fish - even with the fins on - can improve the motion. If we had a failure of the fins - we could simply lock them with retaining pins and carry on comfortably with the paravanes. We've had one N46, "Salvation II", circumnavigate with only active fins and "Othmani" another 46 did it only with paravanes. Both systems seemed to provide all the stabilizing comfort necessary and I don't think you need to have both. As the N40 ATW cruise is a test cruise for boat and equipment - we elected to have both systems aboard so we could further evaluate each.

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