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Do these two seemingly incongruous words go together? I think they do. Years ago, when all you had was the phonebook, all the businesses wanted to be first. AAA Plumbing was always top of the list. Now we have Google, Bing, Yahoo and Safari. The new technology is great but you have to buy a higher listing or use words to increase the chance you are first. In the end it is still alphabetical for the most part. So how can Devin Zwick ever sell a boat?

Linda and I just bought a house in Tucson and we were talking about the last year, selling Discovery, moving to a rental house and then buying and moving into a beautiful house in Tucson. What a year it's been.

Dear Mr Streech,

After several years of thinking and looking at what is available my wife Zubi and I bought a Nordhavn N 47 01. It was a difficult transaction and the seller had left the boat in Florida and gone to England. During this difficult time of discussions, deal making etc , two of your brokers Ben Sprague and Dave Belfour held our hand and walked us through this trying time. Many a time we felt that a deal could not be made but they kept their faith and persisted in finalizing a deal which we did not think could happen.

I wanted to share with you our wonderful experience working with Larry Gieselman as our Nordhavn sales agent. We decided to list our 43 Nordhavn with PAE after listening to Larry's explanation of all the benefits of listing with them. There were other avenues we considered as well but finally decided on Larry and PAE.

Well.............. it finally happened, I bought a boat. Nordhavn 50-20 "CONTINUOUS " has now a new proud 3rd owner. My name is David Mayer. We recently wrapped up a great delivery from Fajardo, Puerto Rico to St. Petersburg, FL arriving at first light Good Friday (4/6/12). I would first like to thank Doug Danielson (2nd owner) & Kelly for making the trip with me on up to the Florida Gulf Coast. A seven day shake down, out of the gate, is certainly one way to get hands on & in a hurry.

I can whole heartedly recommend Larry as well. He is a super no pressure salesman. Unbounded enthusiasm.

Owner Nordhavn 4738

We are newbies to Nordhavn having purchased our N40 in February 2010. We were at Dana Point on vacation (we live in Florida) and we met Larry Gieselman.

Dear Dan and Jim,

I wanted to write and praise the professionalism of Jeff Merrill and Larry Geiselman in their role as PAE brokers. I put my boat on the market less than 6 months ago, and despite the fact that Jeff and Larry were in the USA, I was in the UK, the boat was in New Zealand and the buyer was in Australia, the sale has now been concluded without a hitch.

Dear Jeff,

She is one of the best boats afloat and provided us with five years of an experience of a lifetime. It was painful to give her up and come back to land, but we felt we had to build our new home now while there were still good contractors in out remote area.

Dear Mr. Leishman,

I have just purchased a used Nordhavn 46' ("Alcyone) with the help of a very professional guy, my new best friend, Larry Gieselman.

Just a short note on how this happened.

Having never purchased a boat in the States before, I was a bit apprehensive about the procedures and what we would have to do. I called the Rhode Island office and spoke to Ben Sprague, who very quickly assured me that he could act in our best interest and that he could guide us through the procedures of the purchase. He acted as the negotiator with the owner's broker, who was Andy Hegley with the Southeast Nordhavn Office in Florida. Basically there were two Nordhavn brokers one acting for the seller and one acting for me as the buyer. Ben really held our hand through the offers making sure that we were able to transfer ownership and reregister her in the UK. He basically guided us through the purchase.

When we found that we were going to be in the market for a Nordhavn, we went to Seattle, WA and met Barbara Lippert out of the Nordhavn Seattle office. If there was a question to be asked, she had the answer. She knew everything we needed to know

Unless a broker is with Nordhavn, he won't have the knowledge necessary to give a new owner the proper training these kinds of boats require. This is also very important for the seller. Nordhavn Brokers can articulate how these boats are built in terms of engineering and construction as well as the quality of the components important information that makes these proven Nordhavns a much better value for a potential customer.

After looking at several other yachts, the timing, my personal needs and my expectation of quality led me to Nordhavn and broker Dave Balfour...If it wasn't for Dave Balfour's expert guidance through the sale and comprehensive knowledge of the boat, the sale would have never happened.

Dear Sirs,
I am sending you this letter to let you know how much I have appreciated the services of Andy Hegley and my whole buying experience with him.

He has gone above and beyond his role in the process, helping me out at every step of the way. I would highly recommend him to anybody who wants to buy a boat, and hope to stay in touch.

Alain Dijon

Our Nordhavn Purchase - How It's Supposed to Work

Yesterday was a great day and saw the delivery of our new N40. Having decided a couple of months ago to 'move to the dark side' and leave a lifetime of sailing for the comfort and utility of a passagemaking trawler, we met with Ted Robie - a senior broker with Nordhavn in Stuart, Florida. Ted has a hugely impressive background in yachting, including tenure with Hinckley (our current boat - now for sale - is a lovely Hinckley Bermuda 40) and many years of bluewater racing. He also has encyclopedic knowledge of the Nordhavn line and helped steer us to the N40. Listening to me, he got a good idea of my goals and expectations for an offshore trawler. Importantly, he also spent time with my wife and got the 'other side' of what would make us happy as a couple.

Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been watching the messages for awhile now and wanted to post but have been a little tentative. This group seems very welcoming to new people which is great. That isn't always the case on some message boards.

Well, I live in Surprise, AZ and have been dreaming about being a Nordhavn owner. My parents are live-a-boards on a 50'r in Ventura so I spend a lot of time on the water. I spent Memorial Day out at the channel islands and I must have stared at the N40 anchored aways North of us in smugglers for hours. It could have been an N43 since we were a decent ways away...

Hi all

Just thought I might echo Jay's comments. I am in a smilar situation to him and recently went to the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. While there I met Peter Devers from the Australasin PAE office. He was more than happy to show us through the boat and discus ideas I had for a layout that would suit us if we were to spec a new boat. Even though I am of simmilar age to Jay and a purchace of a boat may be some years away nothing seemed to be a problem.

To whom it may concern,

We would like to take a moment and brag on our fantastic Nordhavn sales rep, Ray Danet. Ray sold our boat, Three@Sea almost a year ago now, and we have put to close 6500 nautical miles uder her hull.

Hi Dan, Jeff and Jim

I am not one to sit down and write letters to the owners of a company that I have never met with but in this instance, I thought it was important for you to hear some customer feedback.

Jim and Marge Fuller's Comments on the commissioning process in Stuart

Summer Skis - N43-09 arrived in Stuart on June 3, 2005. It was originally scheduled to be delivered in April. The April date was a guestimate given to us when we signed our contract in '03. I drove to Stuart from our home in Rhode Island arriving on June 5 with a number of items to be installed during the comissioning rocess.

Dear Dan and Jim,

Alot of water has passed under the keel since we last saw you. The experiences we shared on the NAR 2004 continue to be some of the most memorable times of our lives. Thank you again for your leadership and good humor.