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Nordhavn 43 departs for new adventures

By Jeff Merrill

April 18, 2005

One particular Friday in March, the offshore delivery of 4306 was completed and thus the official transfer of title was made from P.A.E. to new owners Peter and Su Faklis. Many months in the making, it was certainly worthy of a momentous occasion. (Indeed, this boat will be an example that other 43s will be measured against.) So naturally, the good-natured couple hosted a thank you/send-off party for the West Coast branch of the company and all the vendors who rallied in Dana Point to help fashion their boat, Posada, perfectly to their liking.


A tribute to how revered this couple is, the event was well-attended with friends and other Nordhavn owners rounding out the crew that had crowded on to the docks. When unseasonable rains came through early in the afternoon, the party shifted to the Nordhavn Yachts West sales office in the harbor to save the boat’s brand new upholstery and carpeting from the wrath of wet bodies!



With the fete in full swing and the clouds lightening up, a hasty dock march to Posada was organized so an official christening could get squeezed in. Not ideal conditions, I suppose, as one tends to envision a boat celebration marked by sunshine and swaying palm trees with hula music in the background. But Peter and Su’s spirits weren’t dampened by the weather and they eeked out a few salutatory words before heading back to the sales office for more celebratory drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Some weeks have elapsed since the boat formally became theirs and now Peter and Su are out on a brand new adventure as they currently travel up the west coast of the U.S. It’s a completely different experience from the adventure that was the ordering and commissioning of their vessel. The Faklises were meticulous in the two-year planning process of making the boat distinctly theirs but if ever there was a well-thought out, ready-for-cruising Nordhavn, Posada is surely it. It’s not easy to order and build a new series-built production trawler and customize it to the extent we did. We made a lot of great strides to improve many features and equipment and in doing so took on many firsts such as electronic main engine, 9kW Northern Lights tier II generator, Tecma fresh water heads, a flybridge “rumble seat”, upgraded teak panel settees and a Viking propane stove in the galley. All of these changes take considerable coordination between project management and the yard and the end result is a fabulous boat that has set a very high new standard.


Buying a boat is meant to be a fun experience. What’s not to like about the concept of realizing the culmination of a dream even if it is always associated with a substantial cash outlay? The process can be as varied as the type of people drawn to our Nordhavn yachts and the commissioning process is historically the most trying time period, but what I find helps is focusing on the relationship between salesman and customer. A good working rapport with my clients is what makes my career so rewarding.

Maybe to a fault, I often blur the line between broker and friend. But sometimes it can’t be helped – especially in the painstaking and usually long process of purchasing a new Nordhavn. My friendship with Peter and Su Faklis predates my joining the Nordhavn family. In fact, this is the second boat I have sold and built for them, the first being a 40-foot Pacific Seacraft sailboat almost ten years ago. My approach is to view each new boat as if it is my own (one particular benefit of this arrangement for me is that the price is right!) and to this end I get aggressively involved in making suggestions, refinements and improvements all based on buyer requirements. The effort is always well worth it. My clients appreciate being made aware of all available choices, are satisfied that their boat has been thoroughly optimized, and mostly, are proud to own a boat they helped create. In the Faklises’ case, they now own a brand new seafaring yacht that will take them to any port in the world.

There are so many people – PAE staff and local vendors – whose hard work went into the creation of Posada (which means inn or hotel in Spanish), but much credit for the success of the boat needs to go to Peter and Su. They are very patient, very thoughtful and supremely interested in learning every detail about their boat. Making the effort and taking the time to come out to meet with us during the commissioning process helped keep them involved in the decision making process. Their positive attitude even through some of the most frustrating parts of this process (like deadlines slipping and seeing your beautiful boat disassembled when it appeared everything was working) has seen them cross the finish line with a fantastic new boat.


Posada has raised the level of the Nordhavn 43 program in many ways and we at P.A.E. will always be grateful to Peter and Su Faklis for their untiring desire to achieve perfection. I’ll miss them and our weekly phone calls can no transition from order and outfitting details to updates on your latest adventure.

Jeff Merrill is a salesman in our West Coast office. He can
be reached at

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