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Nordhavn gives incentive for USCG licenses

At Nordhavn, we think boating is serious business - that’s why we build our boats to be the safest on the water. But there’s no amount of bullet-proof construction and seaworthiness that can compensate for imperfect seamanship. So we’re teaming up with the United States Coast Guard-approved training program, Mariners Learning System, to encourage boaters to add formal instruction as a complement to practical hours at sea. Nordhavn is so behind this valuable educational tool that we’re offering a 25% discount on training fees to anyone who signs up – no matter what type of boat you do your cruising in.

Here’s how it works: The complete course is taken on your computer, at home, anytime you choose, 24/7. Once you feel ready to test, you may take your exam at one of our four regional U.S. Nordhavn offices or one of the other approximately 50 testing locations. (Allow approximately four hours to complete the test.) For a list of locations and testing times check here. Each location tries to plan four sessions per year for your convenience.

There are a number of courses available and with the cost of each is included all course materials. The online class can be initiated whenever you choose, and you have one year to finish, so you have the flexibility to learn the material at your own pace and on your schedule. Your year-long time limit begins when you log in to the program - not when you purchase it.

Mariners School has had more than 10,000 students complete their online programs in the last two years. Currently they are enjoying a 98.7% success rate.

U.S. Coast Guard Approved On-line Courses Offered:

  • OUPV/Six-Pack Captain's License
  • OUPV Upgrade to Masters
  • Masters 25-50 or 100 Ton License
  • License Renewal OUPV/Masters
  • Sailing Endorsement
  • Towing Endorsement
Wishing you smooth and safe seas.





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