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The Sushi Run - Part II

Having laid low for five months following the enormous success of the Great Siberian Sushi Run, Ken and Roberta Williams announced Part II of their exciting journey...only this time, the "Siberian" is noticeably absent from the trip. The duo, who is once again cruising in company with their GSSR cohorts, Braun and Tina Jones on Grey Pearl and Steve and Carol Argosy on Seabird (both Nordhavn 62s), departed Osaka, Japan, to continue exploring East Asia. Ken loosely outlines the itinerary in his popular blog. Stops will include several Japanese cities including Hiroshima and Fukuoka followed by a visit to South Korea minus the boat (due to complicated clearance requirements). They'll continue to explore Nagasaki and Kyushu in Japan then head south along the Ryukyu Island chain. They'll clear out of Japan at Ishigaki bound for Taiwan to visit the Ta Shing factory which built their Nordhavn 64 and 62s before winding up in Hong Kong. Read more at Ken's blog. (Ed. note: for the other crews' perspectives on the journey, check out Seabird's and Grey Pearl's blogs as well.)

Vessel Owners Date/Location Last Update
"Egret" N46-74 Scott and Mary Flanders Australia 5-04-10
"Ice Dancer II" N57-28 Dick & Gail Barnes Australia 3-31-10
"Sans Souci" N68-05 Ken & Roberta Williams Mexico to Costa Rica 12-01-08
"Three @ Sea" N43-19 David and Kathryn Besemer Caribbean to Central America 11-14-08
"StarPlath" N40-60 Lance and Stephanie Leuthesser Mexico 6-25-08
"Summer Skis" N43-12 Jim and Marge Fuller East Coast 5-23-08
"Amandla II" N55-10 Dominique Asia 4-14-08
"Grey Pearl" N62-08 Braun and Tina Jones Belize 7-14-08
The Fubar Odyssey   San Diego to La Paz, Mexico 11-09-07
"Always Friday" N55-21 Buddy & Kathy Bethea Alaska to East Coast Feb-08
"Salty Dawg" N55-4 David and Lowie Bock Mediterranean - Summer '07 8-13-07
"Bluewater" N47 Milt and Judy Baker Spain 7-26-07
"Resolution" N46-81 Andy Lund Mediterranean 5-23-07
"Seabird" N6204 Steve & Carol Argosy Central America 3-15-07
"Jade Explorer " N47-27 Don and JoAnne Perrine Grenada 11-08-06
"Adventure" N62-22 David and Karen Crannell New England 8-24-06
"Grey Pearl" 62-08
"Autumn Wind" 62-17
Braun and Tina Jones
Bill and Arline Smith
Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally 7-20-06
"Chinook" N40-20 Klaus and Elizabeth Loehr Pacific Northwest 7-6-06
"Summer Skis" N4312
"Bluewater" N4732
Jim and Marge Fuller
Milt & Judy Baker
Bermuda to Newport 6-27-06
"Flat Earth" N50-25 Phil Eslinger Southern California to Hawaii 6-27-06
"Tiger Balm" N46-60 Gordon Millar Philippines 6-21-06
"Ice Dancer" N50-22 Dick & Gail Barnes June 2005 6-16-05
"Borealis" 4718 Sherry Calahan and Keith Olenick January 2005  
"La Vagabunda del Mar" 50-07 Chuck & Jeannette Stockon March 2004  
"Knotty Dog" N57-33 Larry & Jane Hemmerich 2004  

"Evrik" N57-15

Evelyn McGlone and Erik Dalaker

December 2003


"My Lady" N62-26

Larry & Maureen Doherty

November 2003

"Boundary Waters" N50-21 Ron and Sanra Benson

September 2003
January 16 2003
January 4 2003
Through the Canal
History of Canal
Fuel Issues
December 2002
November 2002

"Kanaloa" N46-48
Heidi and Wolfgang Haas

November 2002

"Morgan" N40-06
Pat and Lois Richardson's
October 2002
"Andena Witiva" N57-18
Anders Ulegard
May 2002
"Pilgrim" N40-30 Norman and Patricia Cole

May 2002

April 2002

March 2002

"Duet" N46-50 Ron and Nancy Goldberg

2001 - 2003

"Onward" N40-25
Tom and Liz Hall
Summer 2001
"Bagan" N57-10
John and Janet Imle
July 2001
"Free Flight" N40-07 Al and Dona Holmes

Oct/Nov 2003
April / May 2002
July 2001
June 2001
May 2001
April 2001

"Hapgood" N40-24 Richard and Marjorie Surbeck

August 2001
July 2001
June 2001

"Arcturus" N46-16 Fred & Chris Caron

August 2001
July 2001

"Prime Time" N50-7 Tom and Linda Selman

August 2001
May 2001

"Four Seasons" N46-70 Russ and Donna Sherwin

Mar/Apr 2002
January 2002
December 2001
June 4 2001
March 4 2001

Nordhavns Rendezvous
in the South Pacific

Jim & Jo Wallace
John & Janet Imle
Marge & Marty Wilson
John & Gail Maloney

April 2001  
"Vahalla" N46-41
Jack Chrysler
April 2001  
"Rover" N62-18
John & Gail Maloney
April 2001  

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