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Raft-up Registration

All boats coming to the Rendezvous will be rafting up in the marina, just down the road from the PAE office/event venue.
The raft-up will be located just under the headlands in the turning basin. All boats will set a marked bow anchor and then back into position. The skippers will be given assistance from PAE-crewed inflatables.

Every effort will be made to make the raft-up as trouble-free and as safe as possible. A crew of Nordhavn staff will be on hand to help everyone raft-up and set stern anchors as needed.

Raft-up directions:

  • We will need the following information from each participating owner:

  • Boat Name

  • Size

  • Beam

  • E.T.A.

  • E.T.D

  • Make sure your fenders and lines are in good shape and of an adequate size and length

  • Have a marker buoy and about 35' line to mark your anchor

  • The boat entering the raft-up will use his fender and lines to tie to the boat already in the raft-up

  • The hailing channel will be 71 VHF - Call “Nordhavn raft-up”

  • Please do not attempt to enter the raft-up until told to do so by the "Nordhavn Harbor Master" (James Leishman)

  • If you cannot make your E.T.A. please call us and let us know. James’ cell number is 949.310.3660.

  • Please do not attempt to leave the raft-up until told to do so by the "Nordhavn Harbor Master"

  • All boats will be required to set their bow anchor

  • Every third boat in the raft-up will be required to set a stern anchor with the assistance of the "Nordhavn Harbor Master". This will be done after the boat is safely tied up in the raft-up. Please be prepared to deploy both anchors even though you may not be required to set your stern.

  • The raft-up will break up at 3:00 pm on Sunday. Anyone wishing to leave before then must inform the Rendezvous committee no later than May 1st.

Traveling to and from shore should be done via your own dinghy or Nordhavn launch by which you are required to embark and disembark via your own swim platform. Please seek permission first before attempting to visit other boats in the raft-up and continue to abide by the no boat-crossing policy.
Please use your own dinghy for transportation. We ask that you have your dinghy launched and in the water before you enter the raft-up. Once in the raft-up it could be very difficult to launch when another boat is abeam of you. There is time and room for you to do this when you enter the breakwater. Tow it behind and call for Nordhavn staff to come and get it. We will tow it out of the way while the parent boat is made fast to the raft-up, and then it will be returned.


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