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Saturday, April 28

8:00 am-10:30 am
Topic: "Enhancing Reliability through Failure Analysis and Prevention"
Presenter: Steve D’Antonio
Description:Steve D’Antonio, a technical journalist who owns his own marine consulting company and has conducted lectures and seminars all over the country, will present a photo-intensive review of some of the most common systems, component and equipment failures aboard power cruising vessels.  Via a Power Point presentation, D’Antonio will share with attendees a selection of common faults and failures he routinely encounters.  Each example of a failure will be accompanied by a discussion on the cause as well as how it could have been avoided and how proper repairs or correction should be undertaken. 

10:45 pm-12:00 pm
“Venturing Beyond Southeast Alaska”
Presenters: Josh and Natasha Tofield
Description: Two-time Nordhavn owners Josh and Natasha Tofield, who currently charter out their N52 Samba in Alaska, will offer cruising intel that stretches beyond the typical Southeastern territory favored by tourists and the majority of cruisers. The Tofields, who have spent years exploring Alaska, will focus on experiences to be had in the likes of the Gulf of Alaska, Lituya Bay, Yakutat, Icy Bay, Prince William Sound, the Kenai Peninsula, and their home waters of the Kodiak Archipelago as well as further reaches to the Alaska Penninsula, the Shumagin and Sanak Islands and Dutch Harbor in the Aleutians. Key talking points will include weather, safety, communications, bear safety, fishing, subsistence food techniques and general cruising info.

12:15 pm-1:15 pm
“Yacht Insurance Overview”
Presenter: Cary Wiener, President Pantaenius America
Description: A maritime attorney who has worked on many famous cases including the Exxon Valdez, Cary Weiner will provide an overview of yacht insurance, what to be on the lookout for, implications of secret implied warranties and how they can impact coverage, a review of clauses found in most yacht policies, and an update on the most recent Mexican Liability requirements. Wiener, who was secretary of Maritime Law Association Committee on Insurance will wrap things up with an “ask anything” forum.

1:15 pm-2:00 pm

2:00 pm-3:15 pm

Topic: “Tuning Your Autopilot”
Presenter: Robert Kinney, President Alcom Marine Electronics
Description: Sure to be of immense interest to all Nordhavn owners no matter how long you’ve been operating your boat. This seminar will provide tips for troubleshooting autopilot glitches at sea as well as setting up your autopilot from the start to optimize your results. Presented by Robert Kinney, president of Alcom Marine Electronics based in southern California, which has been providing installation and service on Nordhavns for nearly 30 years.

3:30 pm-4:45 pm
Topic: "History of PAE"
Presenters: Dan Streech, Jim Leishman, Jeff Leishman – Principles of PAE
Description: There is no doubt that Nordhavn is one of the most interesting success stories in the marine industry. No other boat manufacturer has captured the world the way Nordhavn has: from the unveiling of the “strange-looking” N46, to the record-setting Around-the-World trip, the cult-followed Nordhavn Atlantic Rally, the social group based on people who dream about Nordhavns, and all the customer-driven cruising feats.  The account of how Pacific Asian Enterprises -  the company that manufacturers Nordhavn - came to be could easily be interchangeable with the stories you read on Huffpost today about any of a myriad of millennial upstarts cashing in on their ingenuity and ability to fill a void in the marketplace, except that in the 1970s there were way more technological and communication hurdles, no crowd funding to be had, and no such thing as a viral video able to reach millions in a matter of minutes. In this visual-aided presentation, PAE’s owners, Dan Streech, Jim Leishman and Jeff Leishman talk about the bright ideas, unbridled enthusiasm, unstifled spirit, passion and courage they had – and needed – as the “millennials” of their time, to persevere in the face of the rejections, ridicule and uncertainty that threatened the emergence of one of the most influential boating companies in existence today. The trio looks back at what inspired them in the beginning, what has inspired them throughout the past 40 years, and hash out why Nordhavn has always been able to stay at the top of its game.

Sunday, April 29

8:15 am-9:45 am
"Diesel Engine and Generator Maintenance"
Presenters: Jeff Albrecht of Cascade Engine and Bob Senter of Northern Lights
Description: This seminar will focus on care, maintenance and issue prevention of your Nordhavn’s diesel engine and generator from two of the foremost experts.

10:00 am-11:30 am
“Nordhavn Electrical Systems: Tomorrow Has Arrived”
Presenter: Mike Telleria
Description: Nordhavn electrical system designer Mike Telleria will dig into what’s new and specific areas of interest that Nordhavn owners and buyers are talking about. Topics will include Lithium-ion batteries (we’re taking the plunge!), expanded alternator and inverter systems, welcome improvements in air-conditioning efficiency, new options for boosting shore power, GFCI fundamentals, smoke and carbon monoxide detector guidance, electrical system maintenance recommendations, and more.

11:45 am-12:45 pm
Topic: "Blogging and Communicating From Remote Places"
Presenter: Ken Williams
Description: A two-Nordhavn owner who has taken part in major Nordhavn cruising adventures including the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally and Great Siberian Sushi Run, Ken Williams has spent 15+ years helming his in-depth cruising blog kensblog.com, which has reached over 8 million views of his blog will talk about various methods he has used to communicate from the remote corners of the earth.

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