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Owner: Fred and Chris Caron
Boat: "Arcturus"
Type: Nordhavn 46-16

Arcturus was delivered to her first owners in 1990. Now 11 years later, her third owners - Chris and Fred Caron - are taking her around the world. When asked how they decided on a Nordhavn, here's what they had to say:

"We were first and foremost concerned with our safety while at sea. Nordhavns have an impressive track record of brining crews back safely even after they've ventured where they ought not go. We are not bold people. We do not challenge the sea. But we do make mistakes and sometimes use poor judgment. It's at those times when the right vessel can save lives.

"We enjoy our times together, so we choose to cruise by ourselves. We have each owned businesses and don't want the hassle of employees…much less employees who are living with us. So, the vessel we wanted needed to be nimble enough to be handled by a two-person crew. The Nordhavns satisfy that requirement very nicely.

"Arcturus is our second boat and neither of us had any saltwater boating experience. Our first boat was a very nice 43-foot express cruiser that we used primarily as a weekend getaway on Lake Michigan. But we knew that what we were planning was going to be a whole new ballgame. For example, Lake Michigan is about 300 miles long and about 70 miles wide, depending on where you measure. So, it's a paradise for coastal cruisers. And with a port every 20 miles, a vessel's range and endurance aren't even an issue.

"On the other hand, for our first long cruise with Arcturus during June of 2000, we went from San Diego non-stop to Eureka, CA…then non-stop to Victoria, BC. Each segment took about four days. For serious cruising, you need range, endurance, stamina, and comfort. An interesting note - after we left Eureka, a captain delivering a semi-displacement trawler up to Friday Harbor, WA, called us on the VHF radio to ask about Arcturus as he passed by. The next day he called again as he again passed us. He had to stop for fuel and to rest because the seas were not being kind to him. He said he was really getting bounced around. In those same seas, we found Arcturus's full displacement ride to be very comfortable and at no time did the notion ever cross our minds to seek shelter, due to rough seas. We were in Victoria long before he could have passed us the third time. He was the hare, we were the tortoise…and as the story goes, the tortoise won.

"By the time we finished our tour of the Pacific Northwest, we visited most of the major cities and many of the secluded anchorages in Alaska. We traveled as far north as Skagway and spent seven beautiful days in Glacier Bay. (We actually had a magnificent Gray Whale alone with us in our anchorage for over an hour.) We spent five months in the Pacific Northwest and plan to go back one of these days.

"Last month we made our longest passage to date: Cabo San Lucas in Mexico to Hiva Oa in the Marquises Archipelago of French Polynesia. We crossed 2,614 nautical miles of open ocean, which took us 19 days. There are few privately owned powerboats in the world that would dare to make that trip.

"As we write, we have just arrived (Angie, let's stick in link to the log here) in the waters of the Tuamotu Archipelago of French Polynesia. I can clearly see the Atoll Manihi from the port side of the pilothouse. Our destination, the Ahe atoll, is on the radar screen just 23 miles ahead. We are now 478 miles from Fata Hiva in the Marquises where we departed and about 197 miles north northeast of Tahiti. In checking the fuel inventory, Arcturus has used just 1.39 gallons per hour or .22 gallons per mile during this passage. (Our express cruiser would use up to 40 gallons an hour.)

"We are so happy we found this wonderful magic carpet that takes us anywhere in the world we care to go. She answers to the name ARCTURUS!"

By Fred and Chris Caron on board Arcturus N46-16, in the waters of French Polynesia


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