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Attention all Nordhavn Owners –
Contest Closed

Something is missing from this beautiful shot of a PGA tournament shown live on CBS last year…do you know what? It is, of course, a gorgeous Nordhavn in the background, glistening at anchor. It would be pretty amazing to see this stunning scene completed with said missing element in place. There’s just one problem: how to get a Nordhavn in that right place, at the right time, just as the camera rolls. Well, we think we have a solution, and that’s where YOU come in!

Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) has come up with the 2014 Nordhavn TV Challenge.  We want to see if you can give your Nordhavn its 15 minutes of fame by landing her on national TV during Golf Tournaments (Pebble Beach, Hilton Head), the Grand Prix (Monaco), Reality Shows (The Bachelor, Real Housewives)or some other genre of programming. We want to see just how clever, how bold, how creative you can get…and we suppose, how motivated you are. We’ve come up with some incentives in return for getting your Nordhavn splashed across televisions all over the country.

If you can achieve:

We’ll award the following:

A Pan Shot


A close-up shot of your boat


An announcer commenting on your boat;
(ie: “what a beautiful yacht”)


An announcer mentioning “Nordhavn”


Any of the above happening on a Sunday

$250 Bonus

The first Nordhavn to be on National TV in 2014

$500 Bonus

Think it’s impossible? Think again! Then check out the photo below of the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix which features N7612 Sylvia M in the lower right hand corner. That would’ve earned her owners a cool $350! (Not to mention bragging rights!)

So get your Nordhavn ready, take your position and smile for the cameras!** 

Contest Closed

*Restrictions apply: Only one prize per event (other than the Sunday bonus, or first Nordhavn bonus). Maximum pay-out for the contest is $5,000 which will be proportioned among the winners if there are multiple winners which cause the maximum to be exceeded.

**Contest ends December 31, 2014