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Salty Ports
April 2015
Whales & Ice
March 2014
Egret's Circumnavigation & You
August 2011

N46 Egret: Yes You Too Can

May 2010

No rEgret, A Dream Circumnavigation Becomes a Reality Aboard a Nordhavn 46

March 2009

Couple complete 21,904 mile, two-year journey aboard their Nordhavn 46, Egret

February 2009

The Increditible Voyage of Egret (PDF)

February 2009

No Timetable (PDF)

January 2009

Egret: The Pacific Voyage Begins

July 2008

Pacific Motor Yacht

June 2008

Erget Update: The Journey Continues

Jan-Feb 2008

Rounding Cape Horn

April 2007

Nordhavns Make History

May 2007

Round The Horn

December 2007

Update On The Egret

February 2007

'Egret' Makes It Around Cape Horn!

January 2007

Nordhavn 46 To Take On Cape Horn

January 2007

Next stop, New Zealand

November 2006

Taste of Blue Water Whets Appetites

October 2006

World Travelers

June 2006


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