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Couple’s dream cruise will take them 20,000 miles to New Zealand

June 2006

Talk about a great boating adventure. This summer, one couple will pilot a Nordhavn 46 from Gibraltar on a 16-month dream cruise to New Zealand by way of Cape Horn. Scott and Mary Flanders, with their yacht, Egret, will embark on this 20,000-nautical-mile saga in August.

To prepare themselves for the voyage, the Flanderses first took part in the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally back in 2004, during which they traveled with a fleet of trawlers from Florida to Gibraltar. Since then they’ve spent a year and a half researching every aspect of their next voyage.

“This trip is about taking a modern, comfortable powerboat from the Mediterranean to New Zealand via Cape Horn, traveling in as much comfort as possible and enjoying all that the voyage has to offer,” says Scott. “We are going to see places few people ever get to see.”

The trip will be covered on the Nordhavn Web site,, with weekly log updates and real-time tracking. From Gibraltar, they will head south for Madeira and the Canary Islands, then southwest to Brazil and Argentina, then on to the Straits of Magellan before rounding Cape Horn. From there, they plan to cruise up the coast of Chile and Peru to Ecuador before heading west into the Pacific to the Galapagos Islands, the Marquesas and finally to New Zealand. They hope to arrive in New Zealand in December of 2007.

“We hope to encourage people to head offshore and enjoy some of the things that we get to see and do,” says Scott.