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"Egret" N4674 - Scott and Mary Flanders

Glossary of Terms (Egretisms)

Crash and burn

don’t sweat the burn part

MS, My Sweetie



Yours Truly

Dirt Dweller

Living without water under your home

Your Time

after retirement AND you have purchased your little white fiberglass ship...if not, refer to the above


Catamaran Ice Breaker - we used the catamaran dinghy to break sheet ice in some anchorages during Egret's winter cruise in southern Chile


Really Big Guys - forecast wave height are average wave heights. Occasionally sets of two or three RBG's roll thru in a mix of forecast wave heights


Aquarium Glass - AG occurs when spray on the pilothouse windshield glass is no longer spray but solid water like looking into an aquarium


Coffeecarryometer - The CCOM is a measuring devise first recorded by the Spanish* during the years they were plundering South America. The CCOM is a 1-10 scale describing degrees of difficulty to carry a cup of coffee from the galley fires to the poop deck. In Egret's case this is from the galley to the pilothouse. *found during archival research in Madrid some years back


U.S. Pesos = U.S. dollars. For the first time since leaving the States the US dollar has stopped sliding


Honda Beater Car - our first car in 7 years. All 700 USP worth.


Bahamian slang for things


Ed. Note - The glossary of Egretism terms will be posted on the Captain's Log home page for easy reference.

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