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March 2017

This month's video is not a Nordhavn.. but keep reading and you will see why we are posting it. This video is of the beautiful steel hulled super yacht LATITUDE and was shot during the summer of 2016 as she cruised the intriguing icy waters north of Svalbard. The video is absolutely stunning and beautifully captures the joy of adventure and exploration aboard a well found and happy ship. LATITUDE set a record for the Northern most point reached by a super yacht and it is well deserved. Not wanting to diminish that great feat.. we do (whisper) need to point out that during that same summer, the Nordhavn 68 MIGRATION was in that same area and was finally stopped at a point two minutes of latitude (two nautical miles) further north than LATITUDE.... meaning that we beat the super yacht record. We ain't braggin.. we're just sayin.... Enjoy the video! It makes you want to cash in all of your chips and sail away to adventure.

January 2017 Atlantic crossing Nordhavn 76 l'Adagio

December 2016 Navigating in Ice - Shear Madness and Migration

November 2016

New amazing Nordhavn footage
By Dan Streech

This past summer we all thrilled to the reports coming from the Nordhavn 68 Migration as she broke records for the most northern latitude ever reached by a Nordhavn. The owner of Migration has a drone which he is very skilled at flying and using for photos and video. Actually, the drone that he is flying now is “drone #2” as his trusty “drone #1” met a watery demise…however, that’s another story. Some spectacular videos were taken during the voyage but until now, we have not seen them.

Migration and her owners are still in Europe. Luckily for us, a friend who was aboard during the passage stopped by our Dana Point, CA headquarters recently with a portable hard drive and five amazing high resolution videos that were shot from the drone. You can see them in this dropbox:


Enjoy and prepare to be awed.

October 2016
Nordhavn 68 "Aquilla Renee"

It was quite the scene as fans gathered to cheer on the regal Nordhavn 68 in Canada earlier this week. Aquilla Renee, owned by Renee and Joe Hazelief, stood majestically over all other boats in Victoria Harbor, Victoria, B.C. The Hazeliefs, who took delivery of their boat in Florida last year, have amassed more than 10,000 miles. They left Palm Beach in spring 2015, went up and down the Eastern U.S., cruised the Caribbean, went through the Panama Canal, around Mexico, up the U.S. West Coast and into Canada.

Nordhavns typically gather crowds of excited onlookers as they arrive to a new destination. “Nordhavns are usually the queen of the marina,” said Nordhavn president Dan Streech. This past weekend was no exception, and if you look closely, you can even see a family on vacation heading down the dock to give the Nordhavn a closer look.

September 2016
Nordhavn 76 "Eliana"

August 2016
Nordhavn 52 "Albedos