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Mason 44
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P.A.E. began by developing and building the highly renowned line of Mason sailboats. In fact, the yards that build P.A.E.'s Nordhavn power vessels are the same yards that build Mason sailboats. While it is true that the boating market has been much stronger in the powerboat segment during the past ten years, Mason sailboats continue to be of great interest to the serious cruiser who has long distance plans.

Ed. note: Hundreds of Mason sailboats are still cruising the world today, further illustrating the timeless, ocean-crossing durability and class of yachts manufactured by PAE. Like their trawler brethren, Mason owners are a tight-knit group and have established their own online community. If you are a Mason owner, or just a fan of Mason sailboats, and would like to join the Mason Sailboat Owners Group, please visit

We will be happy to discuss your interest in one of our Mason designs and are in a position to take special orders.


Mason sailboats have always brought out the romantic adventurer in sailors. Because of their sheer beauty, and because they are built to sail around the world, Masons appeal not only to those with an appreciation of fine, traditional lines, but also to those with ambitious cruising plans. This combination of high aesthetic values and offshore capabilities has been tremendously successful; over 200 Masons have been built to date. It's hard to think of any sailboat that has more circumnavigations under its keel than Mason. One Mason 44 has been around the world three times. A Mason 53, already around the globe five times, is reportedly on her sixth circumnavigation. Developed and built by Pacific Asian Enterprise (P.A.E.), which has also developed the successful line of Nordhavn offshore power vessels, Masons are synonymous with beautiful, handcrafted interiors, impeccable gelcoat, and meticulously finished stainless-steel hardware. Their beauty is furthor demonstrated by how well they sail on and off the wind. Maximizing sailing performance right up to the point of not sacrificing cruising comfort, they represent a remarkable value in today's market, along with a high resale value. Because each Mason is an individual reflection of her new owner, they are sold one at a time directly by those who are responsible for building them.

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