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Nordhavn 120 #1 Delivery

August 27, 2013
It’s the home stretch for Nordhavn 120#1 Aurora’s historic delivery. What was to be a non-stop voyage out of Hong Kong resulted in the crew having to make two impromptu ports of call, courtesy of Mother Nature. The week’s layover in Adak and then the pit stop in Dutch Harbor set the schedule on its ear a bit, forcing the exit of several crew members including owners Bob and Diane Conconi. And unfortunately their kids, who were to get on the boat in Alaska, never got to experience the boat underway as the timing delay derailed their plans. The family opted to spend the remainder of their summer on land and await the arrival of the boat when it reaches their home in Vancouver sometime over the coming week. And you can bet it will be amidst lots of fanfare.

The frustrations associated with the weather conditions certainly didn’t deter the Conconis’ enthusiasm. Bob Conconi discusses the whole buying and building process – including delivery of the boat – in a recent forum response. Conconi recognizes fundamentally a delivery isn’t meant to be a pleasure cruise – this one certainly wasn’t designed to be – but it was a tremendous opportunity to learn the nuances of the boat and test the systems. It’s a learning process that would be hardpressed replicated in any other situation. “Neither Diane [nor] I want to go around the world at 7 knots without more stops for enjoyment and experiencing the locales we visit,” he writes. “The transit of a yacht on a delivery cruise is not a good comparison to the experience a new owner can anticipate.”

Subsequent to leaving Dutch Harbor, conditions were palatable and the forecast seemed promising for the remaining stretch. But a nasty little low centered over their intended route through the Queen Charlotte Sound caused a slight shift in course with the boat now following the inside passage to Vancouver. It proved to be a good move though. According to the latest crew blog report, halfway down the passage and conditions are nice and smooth.

Enjoy the adventure of the Delivery of Nordhavn 120#1 virtually with the latest photos, blogs, video commentary, live tracking and on board commentary.

Due to logistics, the sheer mass of the Nordhavn 120 as well as economic factors, Aurora is being delivered on her own bottom. With a non-stop range from China to Vancouver running at displacement speed, the decision to “drive” her home was made thoughtfully, however confidently. The delivery crew consists of staff from Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc. (P.A.E.) including Nordhavn’s vice president, Jim Leishman, who is serving as captain, and P.A.E.’s Chief of Design Jeff Leishman, as co-captain, plus engineers from the factory. Jim Leishman said the goal is to make a quick and efficient passage running as fast as possible using the same classic fuel management practices utilized by the crews on board the Nordhavn 40 during the Around The World (ATW) (as well as by hundreds of other Nordhavn owners during their own long passages).

After nearly five years from concept to construction, P.A.E. is thrilled to unveil the Nordhavn 120 and invites a global audience to join us on board this most significant journey. Via daily blog updates, onboard video footage and a q & a forum with the crew, yacht lovers from every nation can witness and take part in the inauguration of Nordhavn’s new queenship. Our architecture and design team, together with the craftsmen at South Coast, engineering contractors, the phenomenal interior design staff at Destry Darr and countless vendors have cultivated a world class yacht that is second to none. At the surface, the N120 is a naval engineering feat; as capable as it is luxurious. But the yacht also proves to be a symbol of P.A.E., persevering at a time when the yacht/superyacht market was in a virtual tailspin. With the business of boats having apparently stabilized, the time is perfect to present the Nordhavn 120 to the world, a design prepared to rival any superyacht built by anyone, anywhere.


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