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Standard Specifications - 50HZ

*Dimensions are subject to change with Buyer’s selected options and personal effects which may add to displacement and increase both draft and waterline length

LOA: 13.11 m (43" 00")

LWL: 11.68 m (38' 04")

BEAM: 4.52 m (14' 10")

DRAFT: 1.6 m (5' 3")







Hull lamination schedule per construction plan
Vinylester resin used in first laminations
All exterior gelcoat to be white Ferro Super Shield on superstructure and Arocoat brand on hull and non-skid

Deck lamination schedule per construction plan

Cabin side (vertical surfaces): Foam Klegcell R75 or equivalent cross-linked foam
Cabin top and deck (horizontal surfaces): End grain balsa 9-12 lbs per sq ft Baltek
Hull interior: Solid series of laminates

Deck/hull joint:
Between deck and hull flange: 3M 5200
Inside of joint: Two (2) layers mat and woven roving
Mechanical fastening: 6 mm (1/4") x 20unc thru bolted on 15 cm (6") centers where accessible. In areas that cannot be accessed self-tapping machine screws used

Longitudinal Stringer:
Hull: Five (5) full length port and starboard, engine beds and floor stringers - Topside stringers - longitudinal and vertical
Deck: Per design

Interior floors as done on N46 - Above engine room (salon) using deck beams and 5.08 cm (2") insulation with aluminum screening over

Ballast: Internal lead to be determined at time of launch (approx. 1/2 weight of fuel)

Gelcoat Color (standard boat):
Hull: Arocoat #340 Gray
Deck: Ferro White Supershield
Non-skid: CCP #A139 Lt. Gray
Boot-top and stack stripes: Arocoat #348 Dark Blue


Lugger L1066T Diesel
ZF W 220 transmission with 3.79 to 1 reduction gear
Engine instrument panel: Deluxe with instrumentation for oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, RPM, hour meter, with alarms
Engine control levers Morse model #31001-001 Twin S
Control cables to be Morse 33C Supreme length to suit
Keel cooler: Furnstrum CN1227U-E1
Dual alternators: One (1) x 160 amp and one (1) x 90 amp (see DC system)

Propeller shaft: 5.7 cm (2-1/4") A22HS
Taper details: Standard S.A.E. taper

Propeller: Four (4) bladed bronze, 86 cm diameter x 71.1 cm pitch (34" d x 28" p) left hand rotation

Stern tube: FRP
Stuffing Box: Bronze

Fuel filters: Duplex 75-900 - Racor #900 MA plus engine mounted filter x one (1)

Dry exhaust: 10.2 cm (4") diameter stainless steel
Flexible section: Stainless steel 'wrinkle belly' as needed
In line muffler: Harco model #924VCS3 Exhaust cap: Stainless steel with slots to deter water
Exhaust runs to masthead
Drain valve and sump at turn of exhaust to drain off water while vessel is unattended
Flexible exhaust mounts as needed

Heat insulation material: Entire exhaust system wrapped with custom exhaust blanket

Engine cooling system to be filled with suitable mixture of coolant/antifreeze to insure coolant does not freeze for winter shipment

Engine room floors: Fiberglass with non-skid - no wood structure used within engine room

Engine room finish: Grey molded fiberglass with non-skid finish and insulated with Technitron or equivalent fire proof foiled and leaded foam 5.08 cm (2") thick. All exposed insulated surfaces to be lined with perforated anodized aluminum sheets

Engine room blowers: Dayton 230 volt AC 50/60 Hz #2C915 x two (2)

Door from owner's cabin to engine room to be sound insulated with viewing port. White liner polyurethane finish. Teak veneer on stateroom side

Engine Room Fire Suppression (in compliance with CE specifications)


Hynautic hydraulic steering system comprised of the following components:
Slave cylinder model # K-2-B
Helm pump model # H-21
Reservoir model # R-06
Relief valve MSV-21

Hydraulic lines: Hynautic brand / copper tubing

Steering wheel: 45.7 cm (18") Stainless Steel with power knob

Emergency tiller: Attaches to top of rudder post and stows in lazerette

By-pass valve for emergency tiller steering


Rudder stock 5.7 cm (2-1/4") stainless steel

Rudder backbone plate: 9.5 mm (3/8") stainless steel with lightening holes per design

Bronze rudder carrier shoe: Cast bronze per design

Rudder carrier top: Stainless steel with collar bearing per design

Rudder cutlass bearing at rudder port opening

Rudder stock stuffing box: Bronze

Rudder stock tube: Fiberglass


Water tank:
Number and capacity: Three (3) tanks totaling 1135.6 Liters (300 US gallons)
Fiberglass construction using vinylester resin and FDA approved gelcoat on inside of tank construction per plan.
Inspection plates: Appropriately positioned for access
Two sight gauges to monitor water level in upper tanks
Each tank air tested: 1.81 kg (4 lbs) per sq. in.

Fuel tank:
Number and capacity: Two (2) main tanks totaling 4542.5 Liters (1200 US gallons) with one centerline aluminum 'Day Tank' at 151 Liters (40 US gallons) which will gravity feed from main tanks
Fiberglass construction with vinylester resin per plan
Inspection plates appropriately positioned for interior access by average size man. Each internal baffle with a removable panel to allow access to entire interior of both fuel tanks
Fuel system to include an aluminum supply reservoir, which feeds by gravity from both fuel tanks. Top part of supply reservoir to hold approximately 7.5 Liters (2 US gallons) and fitted with a sight gauge with a 3.5 Liters (1 US gallon) range and a .4 liters (10th US gallon) marks for fuel consumption checks (supply lines are turned off and fuel is consumed from reservoir). Bottom part of reservoir to be approximately 151 Liters (40 US gallons) fitted with a drain off at the bottom of the reservoir for water purging and with a water sensor - illuminating a light in wheel house if excessive water is present. Reservoir fitted with four (4) draw spigot valves for main, generator, wing engine and spare - mounted at lower level of reservoir, but above water sensing probe. All returns from main, wing and generator plumbed into reservoir
Sight gauges provided for both fuel tanks and are vented into the main vent system for each tank
Each tank to be air tested to 1.81 kg (4 lbs) per sq. in.
Baffles on 61 cm (24") centers
A transfer manifold and Walboro (FRB13-2) fuel pump with timer switch and Racor 900 fuel filter which can transfer fuel from one tank to another and scrub fuel while transferring. Transfer is also used to fill top part of supply reservoir for consumption testing when main fuel tank level drops below the level of the testing part of the reservoir

Fuel pipe and hose:
Supply lines from tanks to supply reservoir are 1.9 cm (3/4") I.D. with Aeroquip brand fuel hose and swaged brass fittings
Fuel line from supply reservoir to main engine filter is 1.9 cm (3/4") I.D. with Aeroquip brand fuel hose and swaged brass fittings
Fuel lines from supply reservoir to optional generator and wing engine to be 1.27 cm (1/2") I.D. with Aeroquip brand fuel hose and swaged fittings
Vent lines to be fuel certified, reinforced hose 1.9 cm (3/4") I.D.
Install fuel fills on side decks - as on N40 with vent lines inboard

Water hoses:
Cold water 1.2 cm (1/2") diameter Whale tubing system or equivalent with all Whale fittings
Hot water 1.27 cm (1/2") diameter Whale tubing with all Whale fittings
Sea water hoses: Trident reinforced rubber certified for marine use and provided with double stainless steel clamps below the water line

Water heater: Seaward #S1100 220 volt 42 Liters (11 US gallons) and heat exchanger operation

Thru hulls: Bronze body, stainless steel balls and Teflon seats
Grounding wire: #6 gauge green wire
Each thru hull to have a clearly visible tag indicating its function

Fresh water pressure pump #VSD31755-0000 - Jabsco Sensor Max

Plumbing fixtures:
Head sinks: Sea-Land #1620 oval color white x two (2)
Galley sink: double stainless steel Polar # 102110 with 7.6 cm (3") drain fittings
Head faucets: Grohe model #33170 000 chrome
Galley faucets: Grohe model #33939 1B0 chrome with black
Shower fixtures: Grohe chrome #28.049 handle
#28.786 soap tray
#28.820 61 cm (24") shower bar
#28.151 non-metallic hose
#34.436 thermostat valve

Gray water tank:
Galley sink, head sinks, shower sumps and washing machine drain to 189.3 Liters (50 US gallons) sump tank. Each drain to have an appropriate water trap to control odors. Sump to include Sealand Tank Watch 4 level indicator and a Sealand T12 waste pump fitted with an Ultra Jr. pump switch and auto/manual control panel. Whale/Henderson #BP0527 hand operated diaphragm bilge pump to be installed in line with Sealand T12 for manual pumping of gray water tank per design

Bilge pumps:
Electric: Par 34600-00 diaphragm 40.88 Liters (10.8 gallons) per minute with Ultra switch auto switch
Manual: Edson model #638AL operable from main salon
High water bilge pump Rule 14,006 Liters (3700 gallons ) per hour (55S) - mounted in bilge above normal bilge water height including Ultra Sr. pump switch and Ultra bilge alarm

Tecma Silence Plus head in owners stateroom head
Tecma Silence Plus head in guest stateroom head
Head fitted with a Par #45510-0000 Y valve allowing sewage to be pumped overboard or into holding tank
Holding tank: Fiberglass
Holding tank pump: Whale hand operated diaphragm
Holding tank fitted with a deck pump out
Sealand Tank Watch 4 monitoring system with Tank Master

All hoses throughout boat to be Trident brand with CE approval - where practical

Gas system: System will comply with CE requirements
Two (2) Calor propane gas bottles to be installed in gas locker
Trident gas control panel and detection system #1300-7715. Sniffer behind stove/oven and in gas locker
Two stage regulator #12301411
Trident 'Pig Tail' hoses x two (2) #1014140120
All necessary pipe fittings and adapters
Trident gas hose to suit


Electrical panel set consisting of the following:
Electrical AC/DC panel
One (1) parallel switch for emergency engine/house battery paralleling
Engine battery shut off switch and panel

Shore power inlet and AC system per design
Marinco #303SSEL-BX stainless steel
230 volt AC / 50 Hz
Interior outlets per drawing
All galley and head outlets to GFCI protected

Battery and DC system per design
Three (3) 255+ AH (8D) Lifeline batteries for house appliances (765 amps) and one (1) additional 4D for engine starting. The engine starting battery is isolated from the house batteries, which prevents the inadvertent discharge of the engine starting battery. Main engine has dual alternators - 140 amp large case for house and a 90 amp for engine start battery charging. Parallel switches provide for emergency engine starting or to parallel alternators in case of an alternator failure
Each battery secured with stainless steel tie down beams

Battery cable: to be '00' for general battery leads with '0000' for starting and optional bow thruster
Positive lead to be red
Negative to be black

All wiring used throughout boat to be color coded - all wire supplied by factory to be tinned wire

Conduits for future installations:
PVC from mast step to pilot house, these conduits are to be as large as possible
PVC from engine room to pilot house, these conduits are to be as large as possible

Electrolytic control:
All thru hulls to be bonded together with a #6 green wire and tied into the 12 volt DC ground system
All hardware mounted below waterline i.e. stuffing box, stern bearing housing, rudder shoe, rudder frame, rudder stuffing box to be grounded into 12 volt DC ground system
Two (2) 6 cm x 15 cm (2-1/2" x 5-3/4") zinc plates tied into the 12 volt DC ground system

AC Generator (optional)
Foundation to be provided within the engine room to accommodate up to a 10 kW generator
Electrical panel to accommodate AC ship's power

50 Hz inverter/battery charger included with remote panel at wheel house

TV/phone inlet Marinco #PH6592TV-SS. Wires run to predetermined locations in boat


Refrigerator: (2) U-lines: (1) refrigerator 1175R all refrigerator (black) + (1) refrigerator with icemaker #CO1175 (black)
Top load freezer General Electric # SCM5DM WH
Step down transformer for U-line units
Countertops - Surell 'Frost' FR02 - made by Formica
Flooring: Solid Teak with micro grooves or Teak and Spruce (satin varnish for both)
Cabinetry/paneling: Teak with a satin varnish
Stove: Force 10 - Three (3) burner gimbaled stove and oven, Model #63356
Stove exhaust blower: Dayton 230 volt AC 50/60 Hz #2C915
Overhead: Individual padded vinyl panels secured in place with Velcro and easily removable for service
Locker interior finish: Varnished Teak
Broan or equivalent 38.1 cm (15") trash compactor 220 volt / 50 Hz
Microwave Tappan #TM7430B
Overhead galley locker as shown on plans

Main salon
Floors: Solid Teak with micro grooves or Teak and Spruce floors
Cabinetry/paneling: Teak with satin varnish
Dinette table: Teak
Furniture: Settees port and starboard as designed with all detail as shown in layout drawing -- to be teak verneer with solid teak trim
Overhead: Individual padded vinyl panel secured in place with 3M industrial Velcro
Locker interior finish: Varnished Teak
Cushions with vinyl upholstery
Teak valance over windows

Master cabin
Floors: Solid Teak with micro grooves or Teak and spruce
Cabinetry/paneling: Teak paneling - satin varnished with teak trim
Mirror on forward bulkhead
Overhead: Individual padded vinyl panels secured in place with 3M industrial Velcro
Locker interior finish: Varnished Teak
Foam mattress with vinyl upholstery

Floors: Solid Teak with micro grooves or Teak and spruce
Countertop: Surell 'Frost' FR02 - made by Formica
Mirrors with satin varnished frames
Shower floor: Molded fiberglass with non-skid finish
Overhead: Individual padded vinyl panels secured in place with Velcro and easily removable for service
Cabinetry/joiner work: Satin varnished teak
Locker interior finish: Varnished Teak
Bi-fold shower door in owners head. White aluminum with glass panels
Bi-fold shower door in guest head
Single sliding pocket door into owners head
Owners Head Shower Sump Pump Whale Gulper 220 PS # 185431

Painted with gray gelcoat
Drain to bilge through a PVC pipe installed during hull lamination

Floors: Solid Teak with micro grooves or Teak and Spruce
Cabinetry/joiner work satin varnished teak
Countertops: Black Formica
Overhead: Individual padded vinyl panels secured in place with 3M industrial Velcro
Table: Satin varnished teak
Locker interior finish: Varnished Teak
Cushions with vinyl upholstery
Chart light: F4 TouchLED Tasklight with Bulkhead Base
Teak louvers on tops of console for ventilation of electronics
Chart drawer under settee

Guest cabin
Floors: Solid Teak with micro grooves or Teak and Spruce
Cabinetry/paneling: satin varnished teak
Overhead: Individual padded vinyl panels secured in place with industrial Velcro
Locker interior finish: Varnished Teak
Mattress: Foam with vinyl covering
Built-in desk with book shelves

All locker doors to have push button style latches

Stateroom doors to be teak - door hardware to be Mobella

Main overhead lighting throughout: Cantalupi 'Walter 2001' with wall switches for each designated area. (Approx. 45 lights)
Bulkhead reading lights: Four (4) Cantalupi 'Time' - two (2) for guest stateroom and two (2) for salon
Engine room lights: AC fluorescent - Three (3) x 70 cm (24") dual fluorescent 220 volt / 50 Hz (#ILMUL2-24T5HPF1) switch at entrance to engine room. Six (6) 12 volt dome lights in engine room and three (3) 12 volt dome lights in lazarette
Exterior dome lights: Cantalupi 'Tuna' (2 on aft deck)
Navigation lights: Hella like N47
Owners cabin reading lights Cantalupi 'Time' chrome (2 total)
Courtesy lights
Overhead reading lights Cantalupi 'Tebe 2000' with switch (4 total)

All hand rails shown on drawing to be included


All horizontal surfaces on deck to have a diamond pattern non-skid as shown in deck plan. Standard non-skid to be a contrasting color to parameter deck

Chocks for mooring lines:
* Transom: Stainless steel with attached cleat - recessed x one (1)
* Transom sides: Stainless steel with attached cleat
* Amidships: Stainless steel with attached cleat - recessed x two (2)
* Bow: Stainless steel with attached cleat x two (2)
* Cleat: 30 cm (12") stainless steel cleat at bow on centerline aft of windlass x (1)

Lower and upper rub rails fiberglass with a stainless steel cap - rub rails integral to hull

Port lights - Oval 41 cm x 18 cm (16" x 7") stainless steel port lights in hull as shown on design with tempered glass. All hull port lights to include stainless steel deadlights - six (6) in hull

Stainless steel double bow roller to accommodate a 50 kg (110 lbs) anchor on starboard roller and the port roller designed for a second light anchor or for mooring lines. Starboard side roller slotted for chain and the port roller smooth for handling line

Stainless steel stanchions around foredeck to be 3.2 cm (1-1/4") diameter. Pulpit 3.2 cm (1-1/4") diameter with 2.5 cm (1") socket for burgee staff

Maxwell 12 volt VWC 3500 windlass mounted on molded fiberglass base

Foredeck hatches: One (1) Lewmar #60, One (1) Lewmar #50

Wheelhouse hatch: One (1) Lewmar #60

Blower - One (1) inline 230 volt AC 50/60 Hz #2C915 Dayton blower to provide forced ventilation from inside of Portuguese bridge to owner's stateroom

Two (2) Dorade vents at aft end of foredeck: Molded fiberglass to service guest stateroom

Windshield wipers - Imtra consisting of:
Roca 2 speed #RC525991 with auto park x two (2)
#EX2108 heavy duty pantograph arm x two (2)
#EX2112 mounting kit (2) #RC521115 38 cm (15") blade x two (2)
#EX2158 switches (2) #EX2142 solenoid
#EX2184 wash jet connector (2) #EX2186 mounting platex x two (2)
#EX2119 coupling (2) #EX2166 'T' fitting x one (1)
#EX2129 elbow (3) #EX2157 interior tubing x 3 m (10')
#EX2159 exterior tubing x 1.2 cm (4')

Horn: Kahalenberg K.380

Spar and boom section: Forespar L.P. painted white with aluminum 'Strong Backs'. Deck plates x two (2) for strong back attachments, pad eyes x two (2) for boom bridal attachment on aft part of boat deck, and anodized aluminum steel mast step

Windows and doors:
Wheel house and salon windows to be 10 mm (.39 in) tempered glass with extruded aluminum frames and white liner polyurethane finish
* Drop slide for two (2) forward salon windows and starboard aft salon window with screens and storm plate receptacles on all four (4) side salon windows Six (6) windows total for salon
* Two (2) front outboard wheel house windows fixed above with lower hinged vent section with double dogs and stainless steel telescoping supports. Two (2) inboard windows fixed. Two (2) corner windows to be curved. Two (2) windows aft. (12 windows total for wheel house)
* Wheel house doors: - Dutch doors - four hinged door with upper and lower dogs in addition to deadbolts and locksets. White liner polyurethane finish. Keeper to hold in open position
* Salon door: - Dutch door - four hinge with window and double dogs in addition to deadbolt and lockset. White liner polyurethane finish. Keeper to hold in open position
* Engine room door: - sound insulated with view port. White L/P finish with teak veneer on stateroom side

Transom door: Opens outboard

Boat deck rail to be 3.2 cm (1-1/4") diameter

Deck boxes on foredeck to have hinged lid with gas shocks

Corner lockers in aft deck corners

Lazarette hatch to have gas shocks to hold open

Stainless steel swim ladder mounted on swim step

Three boarding doors into cockpit

Starboard side deck will allow access from the cockpit to the Portuguese Bridge. A 86 cm (34") high Stainless Steel rail has been provided for safety.

Freeman hatch 18HAALR for access to chain locker

* Specifications are subject to change at the discretion of designers and builders

*Specifications subject to change without notice and at the discretion of designers and builders.
**Dimensions are subject to change with Buyer’s selected options and personal effects which may add to displacement and increase both draft and waterline length

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