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While Nordhavn’s superior hull design and quality workmanship are clearly evident, it is the attention to engineering detail that separates P.A.E. from all others.  The best place to look for this difference is in the N47’s walk-in, stand-up engine room, which is so well organized, bright and uncluttered, that doing routine maintenance will be a pleasant experience, not a chore.  A stainless steel rail surrounds the Lugger 173 hp diesel engine, making it safe to conduct visual checks underway.  The dry exhaust, a Nordhavn signature, exits high off the bridge deck, eliminating a potentially troublesome thru-hull and dangerous, obnoxious fumes at the transom.  The foolproof fuel management system, another Nordhavn trademark, utilizes a simple gravity feed system that allows every gallon to be used.  Sight gauges on the day tank allow accurate monitoring during long voyages.  Lined with fireproof, 2” lead sound deadening material and finished with perforated aluminum panels, this spotless engine room has a level of fit and finish that rivals competitors’ staterooms.  A ZF 3.96-to-1 transmission and 2 ¼” Aquamet shaft drives a 4-blade, 34” prop slowly, quietly and efficiently.  A foundation for up to a 16 kW AC generator is provided.  For those who want the peace of mind of a “get home” power plant, a 40-hp Yanmar wing engine with a Gori three-blade folding prop is an option.  Aft of the engine room, a huge lazarette contains the 1020 amp-hour house battery bank, steering system and optional watermaker.  A 3000-watt inverter is standard, as is a heavy-duty, 270-amp alternator for charging the house batteries.

A true passagemaker can only be as good as its mechanical and electrical systems.  By building more than 500 ocean-going yachts and taking several of them around the world, P.A.E. has become the foremost authority on designing and installing the most dependable onboard systems.


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