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Long range, oceangoing vessels require the fuel efficiency and sea keeping qualities of a full displacement hull.  Freighters, true fishing trawlers (not the misnamed, semi-displacement recreational variety) and Nordhavns are authentic, full displacement designs.  Thanks to extensive tank testing as well as firsthand experience gained from voyaging hundreds of thousands of miles on our own boats, improvements to the tried and true, full displacement design have been made by P.A.E.’s Jeff Leishman.  The effect of these refinements is a level of performance that will satisfy many of those who are considering a semi-displacement boat.

The thinking behind P.A.E.’s “Modified Full Displacement” (MFD®) began with the successful Nordhavn 50 and 57, and it further evolved with our remarkable little ship, the Nordhavn 40.  Older full displacement powerboats are limited to their theoretical hull speed of 1.20 S/L times the square root of their waterline.  Most of these designs have modest accommodations, as their stern sections are narrow and their super structures are kept low for stability.  However, P.A.E. has achieved a more desirable balance of seaworthiness, long range, generous interior space, reasonable speed and high efficiency through its MFD® hull design.

The N47’s full stern section helps to minimize pitching motion while maximizing carrying capacity.  An added benefit is that it reduces drag caused by “squatting” at higher speeds, which in turn extends the upper range of its cruising speed.  Slippery, stable and efficient, the MFD® hull is proving to he the ideal design for safe, affordable, long range cruising.

In all the years Nordhavns have been crossing oceans and circling the globe, there has never been a structural hull failure, even during a grounding.  The N47’s hull is no exception and is heavily built of alternate piles of hand-cut, hand-laid fiberglass mat and woven roving on a ship-like frame.  Five longitudinal stringers provide added rigidity, and the forward sections include extra laminates for protection in case of collision.  If you have the opportunity of visiting one of Nordhavn’s offices, ask to see a sample of hull laminate.  You’ll see why there has never been a failure in all these years.

A close look at the gleaming, flawless gelcoat finish of the hull and superstructure will reveal the quality of the tooling and precise craftsmanship that has become the trademark of our P.A.E. yards.  Stomp on the foredeck, and you’ll feel nothing but a solid structure beneath you.  Open and close hatches, doors and ports, and you’ll swear you’re on a commercial cruise ship.  Nothing flexes or moves unless it’s supposed to.  There are no unnecessary seams or joints to invite water intrusion or gelcoat cracking.

In the immediate sense, this uncompromising approach to construction will keep you safe and secure.  In the long term, it will keep your investment looking and performing like new.  Resale values of Nordhavns are among the highest in the industry.


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