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Electrical System

Electrical panel set consisting of the following:

AC/DC Electrical distribution panel x one (1)

Parallel switch for emergency engine/house battery paralleling x one (1)

Engine and generator battery shut off switch and panel

Parallel switch for emergency generator/house battery paralleling x one (1)

Shore power inlets and AC system per PAE design

Marinco #6373EL stainless steel 50 amp 3 pole 4 wire 120/240 volt AC 60 Hz

Marinco #303SSEL stainless steel 30 amp 2 pole 3 wire 120 volt AC 60 Hz

Olsun isolation transformer SGS 12 YY-0-15

Olsun balancing transformer SGS 7.5 HD-2-316 SS

All galley, head, and exterior outlets to be run through a GFCI type outlet.

Battery and DC system per PAE design

Eight (8) x 255+ AH (8D) Lifeline batteries in series (2 banks of 4) for 24 volt house service (1020 amp hours) and two (2) additional 4Ds in series for 24 volt engine starting.  The engine starting batteries are  isolated from the house batteries, preventing inadvertent discharge of the engine starting batteries.  The main engine has dual alternators:  One (1) x 175 amp large case for charging house bank and one (1) x 40 amp for charging engine battery.  Parallel switches provide for emergency engine starting

One (1) x "Group 31" Lifeline battery in pilot house for house 12 volt service - with 20 amp charger 

Each battery secured with stainless steel tie down beams

Battery cable: to be "00" for general battery leads with "0000" for starting and other heavy load items with longer runs

Positive lead to be red

Negative lead to be black

All wiring used throughout boat to be color coded - all wire supplied by factory to be tinned wire

Conduits for future installations

PVC from stack to pilothouse

PVC from engine room to pilothouse

PVC from aft corners of salon overhead to engine room

Radio ground plane (optional)

Electrolytic control:

All thru hulls to be bonded together with a #6 green wire and tied into a copper bonding bar as done on the N47 and tied into the 24 volt DC ground system (Per PAE electrical schematic drawings)

All hardware mounted below waterline i.e. stuffing box, stern bearing housing, rudder shoe, rudder frame, rudder stuffing box to be grounded into bonding system

Zinc plates - Three (3) x 2-1/2" x 5-3/4" (6.35 cm x 14.6 cm) tied into the bonding system

Inverter to be 3500 watt / 24V inverter/battery charger included with remote panel at pilothouse 

TV/phone inlet Marinco #PH6592TV-SS phone wired to pilothouse and owner's cabin.  TV wired to salon TV locker and owner's cabin  

*Specifications subject to change without notice and at the discretion of designers and builders.
**Dimensions are subject to change with Buyer’s selected options and personal effects which may add to displacement and increase both draft and waterline length

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