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62' 8"


55' 6"


19' 4"


6' 5"


155,000 lbs.

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The Nordhavn 62 has been described by experts as "the finest oceangoing, luxury yacht ever produced under 70 feet." This statement sums up what P.A.E. set out to do in the design and construction of this vessel. Conceived after developing the now famous Nordhavn 46, she represents an uncompromising approach to the principles of full displacement design as set forth by Captain Robert Beebe in his original book Voyaging Under Power. Enjoying the benefits of a decade-long evolution, the 62 has matured into a proven, timeless passagemaker that has achieved an impressive record of successful ocean voyages. Capable of cruising non-stop in excess of 3,000 nautical miles at 9 knots, it is a vessel designed to take her owners around the world in comfort, style and safety.

Her ship-like appearance is only the beginning of her uniqueness. As one owner sees it, "This boat simply makes sense!" Compared to large, semi-displacement motor yachts with huge horsepower requirements and complex systems that need constant attention, the Nordhavn 62 gives her owners the freedom to go where and when they choose without the need of a support crew. And compared to even the most luxurious sailboats, the 62 will enable the captain and his guests to enjoy their journey in total comfort, even during less-than-ideal conditions. Running the boat from her spacious pilothouse, the crew rarely needs to don foul weather gear. Indeed, Nordhavn owners have reported crossing the Atlantic in their stocking feet, enjoying gourmet meals along the way. Voyaging on a Nordhavn 62 often brings a new appreciation of the journey itself. Traveling up and down the coast, for example, many owners prefer to head offshore for the entire trip, enjoying the solitude of the open ocean instead of marina hopping day after day. A new world of cruising options becomes available, as far-off ports are now within range. For example, a Nordhavn 62 can voyage from New York to Lisbon in less than l2 days, arriving with an abundant reserve of fuel.

After selling his high powered, semi-displacement motor yacht, one owner summed up his experience with his new Nordhavn by saying, "This is the fastest voyage I've ever made, with the slowest boat I've ever owned. I arrived refreshed, ahead of schedule, and ready to enjoy my new surroundings."

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