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The uncompromising philosophy of P.A.E. is evident in the building of the Nordhavn 62, as no expense has been spared in developing this capable, world class cruiser. More importantly, P.A.E. continuously strives to produce the perfect oceangoing yacht, and each new 62 incorporates improvements and features developed with the collaboration of our experienced owners and P.A.E. staff cruising throughout the world. With over 30,000 cumulative cruising hours now logged on Nordhavn 62s by their owners, P.A.E. has received invaluable feedback that is used in building and detailing each new boat. This approach is contrary to that of many production boats whose "improvements" are often the whims of marketing departments in search of new customers.

The Nordhavn 62 begins with a set of highly polished female molds that are used to produce the flawless isophthalic gel coat surfaces. The main deck is a continuous fiberglass laminate structure from stem to stern, including the front and sides of the saloon. While it is unusual for a semi-custom builder to tool the deck structure to this extent, P.A.E. feels it is worth the investment as the strength of the deck and the superior finish result in a product that has no equal. The wheelhouse, Portuguese bridge and upper aft deck are all molded separately and attached to the one-piece lower deck structure. Extra care and expense have gone into the detailing of the deck tooling with relieved waterways, hardware bases, hatch bosses and the like. Throughout the entire boat, thoughtful planning and quality workmanship can be found. All horizontal walking surfaces are finished with a fine diamond-patterned non-skid, and teak decking is available throughout as an option.

One recently-made improvement that bears special mention is all fuel tanks are now fabricated from fiberglass and are heavily built and pressure tested to 3 lbs./sq. inch. Because Nordhavns are designed to last, the thought of replacing a metal fuel tank l5 or 20 years from now warrants the added attention to these items today. These specially fabricated tanks have the added advantage of reducing noise caused by partially full, metal tanks.

Every detail of the Nordhavn 62 shows P.A.E.'s uncompromising approach to boat building. The rudder and propeller shafts are made from 3" Aquamet stainless steel. The hydraulic steering lines are all seamless copper tubing with reinforced rubber lines to the hydraulic rams. All thru-hulls feature bronze bodies, S/S balls and Teflon® seats. Interior hardware, including door locks and drawer pulls, is of the highest quality; and interior lockers feature automatic lighting. countertops are of sculpted Dupont Corian® and head floors feature top quality vinyl overlays of the owner's choice.

From its hull layup to its teak interior, from its deck detailing to its interior lighting, the Nordhavn 62 represents a unique blend of commercial standards and yacht luxury.


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