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The Nordhavn 68 picks up where her iconic smaller sister, the Nordhavn 62, left off: a salty, seaworthy, aft-pilothouse yacht capable of offering extreme comfort, luxury and of course, capability. But the N68 incorporates a modern feel and better space planning, and perfectly fills the size gap that exists between the aft pilothouse N63 and the larger Nordhavn 76 in the current Nordhavn line-up.

“There are those who have great affection for the aft pilothouse boat and the 68 fits perfect among the 62, 63 and 76,” says PAE President Dan Streech.

The distinct styling of the 62 has been a Nordhavn hallmark for nearly twenty years, and the 68 captures the essence of this vessel yet it incorporates the latest thinking in design, systems and technology and packages it all into a beamier, heartier hull. The interior is stunning with modern styling and beautiful teak joiner work. And despite the size advantage, this vessel is just as easily managed by a cruising couple without need for captain and crew.

Stepping onto the boat, the massive size of the 21-foot wide expanse can be immediately felt. The 68 carries its beam further aft and has a higher freeboard forward, thus providing more room on the inside. Offered in both an asymmetrical and dual walk-around layout, the huge saloon is an ideal gathering area for when the yacht plays host to larger groups.

Meanwhile, cooking for the masses is a snap in the large gourmet galley with such features as granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

Because the 68 is an aft pilothouse model, the foredeck is open so there are deck hatches for lots of light and ventilation. This is especially noticeable in the full-beam Master Suite and its luxurious head and shower forward. There are full size port lights positioned on either side which show off breathtaking views. Located just two steps down and forward from the saloon/ galley area, the bright and airy cabin offers its owners a pleasant haven for an afternoon nap or good night’s sleep.

Guests are treated to two luxurious staterooms located down a staircase just off the galley/ saloon. Two heads – one ensuite – are swathed in granite and the finest fixtures. Situated just across the hall from the staterooms is the roomy, state-of-the-art engine room with its 6’2” ceiling. Purring along is the a state of the art 425 hp single John Deere 6135AFM75 marine engine that drives forward the 205,000 lb. boat at a cruising speed of 9.5 kts.

Like the larger luxurious vessels in the Nordhavn fleet - the 72, 75EYF, 76, 78 and 86 – the Nordhavn 68 is filled with the best equipment as standard including hydraulic bow and stern thrusters, ABT stabilizers, air conditioning, and Stidd helm chairs. “This boat is so featurepacked there is not a regular option sheet for it,” says Streech.

Aft Pilothouse Non-Flybridge
Despite the N68’s commercial aft pilothouse style, true trawler aficionados felt the design’s flybridge detracted from the salty look. A Nordhavn 63 owner wanting to replicate his own non-flybridge model in a larger boat, requested an aft pilothouse N68 with the flybridge removed. “The NFB model is a simple variant of the Aft Pilothouse Nordhavn 68 but with wonderful, dramatic results,” notes Streech.

A few basic tweaks are made to the area over the pilothouse including shortening of the stack. The upshot is less windage, better stability, less weight aloft and a gorgeous battleship profile that will please the saltiest of yachties and prove ideal for anyone cruising the high latitudes.

Forward Pilothouse
Built on the same extended hull as the Aft pilothouse Nordhavn 68, the forward pilothouse version retains the same interior layout as the Nordhavn 64, but adds four feet (1.2 meters) of length to the aft cockpit, increasing the outdoor living (and playing) space to 191 square feet (17.7 square meters). An additional benefit—one that’s always appreciated— is a larger lazarette. Compared to the Nordhavn 64, the N68 forward pilothouse enjoys the advantage of a slight increase in cruising efficiency because of its longer waterline. When compared with its aft pilothouse sibling, the forward pilothouse version has a slightly larger fuel capacity at 3,230 US gallons (12,226 L) versus 3,136 US gallons (11,871 L) for the APH version.

Another central difference in the Forward versus Aft pilothouse layout is the placement of the owner’s cabin. In the FPH arrangement, the VIP stateroom is located closer to the middle of the boat - where motion is less noticeable - and therefore is more comfortable at sea and at anchor. Also, since the cabin is located in a wider part of the boat, it’s a roomier space.

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