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Engine Room

Forward Pilothouse

Built on the same extended hull as the Aft pilothouse Nordhavn 68, the forward pilothouse version 

retains the same interior layout as the Nordhavn 64, but adds four feet (1.2 meters) of length to 

the aft cockpit, increasing the outdoor living (and playing) space to 191 square feet (17.7 square 

meters). An additional beneit—one that’s always appreciated— is a larger lazarette. Compared to 

the Nordhavn 64, the N68 forward pilothouse enjoys the advantage of a slight increase in cruis- 

ing eficiency because of its longer waterline. When compared with its aft pilothouse sibling, the 

forward pilothouse version has a slightly larger fuel capacity at 3,230 US gallons (12,226 L) versus 

3,136 US gallons (11,871 L) for the APH version.

Another central difference in the Forward versus Aft pilothouse layout is the placement of the 

owner’s cabin. In the FPH arrangement, the VIP stateroom is located closer to the middle of the 

boat - where motion is less noticeable - and therefore is more comfortable at sea and at anchor. 

Also, since the cabin is located in a wider part of the boat, it’s a roomier space.
Forward Pilothouse

Forward PAilfotthCoucksepit

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