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Air Conditioning & Ventilation System

Air Conditioning:

Air handler zones operated by remote mounted compressors with SMX controls. Zones are:

FN10C-P/EHBO10C - Starboard guest cabin and head - (1 zone) 10,000 BTU

FN10C-P/EHBO10C - Port guest cabin and head - (1 zone) 10,000 BTU

FN12C-P/EHBO12C - Master cabin and head - 12,000 BTU (2 zones) 24,000 BTU

FN24C-P/EHBO24C - Wheelhouse - 24,000 BTU (2 zones) 48,000 BTU

FN12C-P/EHBO12C - Galley - 12,000 BTU (1 zone) 12,000 BTU

FN24C-P/EHBO24C - Salon - 24,000 BTU 48,000 BTU

FN16C-P/EHBO16C - Engine room - 16,000 BTU 16,000 BTU


Air conditioning is “reverse cycle” for heating. Also, each air handler is equipped with an inductive “heat strip” for use in cold water situations where the reverse cycle system is not efficient

Engine Room Ventilation System

Two (2) Intake Blowers - 230 volt AC 50/60 Hz rated at 2000 CFM (56.6 CMM) @ 0.0" SP @ 60 Hz. Two (2) louvered vents on aft deck wings with screened blower inlet

One (1) Exhaust Blower - 230 volt AC 50/60 Hz rated at 2000 CFM (56.6 CMM) @ 0.0" SP @ 60 Hz. One (1) vent on aft side exhaust stack with screened blower inlet

Fire/Smoke Dampers – Ruskin CD36 low leakage control damper, 12"x12" (30.48 cm x 30.48 cm) stainless steel rear flanged equipped with a side mounted Honeywell H-2024 (24 volt DC) fast-acting, two position actuator. One (1) damper each installed on the engine room side of each blower for easy access. Each damper will be normally open and will close on SEAFIRE actuation. For boats equipped with main engine dry exhaust, one (1) damper each installed on the inside of each main engine exhaust stack louvered vent opening - damper size to be compatible with stack opening

Auto blower stop and damper closure on engine room SEAFIRE Actuation (See "Fire Protection System")

Note: See "Noise Control" item F

Lazarette And Forward Machinery Compartment

One (1) exhaust blower each compartment - 24 volt DC – rated at 350 CFM

Auto Blower Stop on SEAFIRE actuation in the compartment


One (1) exhaust blower each head (3 total) - 120 volt AC. 60 Hz - rated at 150 CFM. On/Off wall switch for blower start and stop

One (1) Decorator spring-wound mechanical timer each head - Switches wired in blower circuit to stop fan at zero setting


One (1) Supply Blower for master, forward guest staterooms (3 total). 120 volt AC. 60 Hz - rated at 150 CFM (4.25 CMM). On/Off wall switch for blower start and stop

Outside air supplied from a louvered intake and ducted to the stateroom. Exhaust air from each stateroom routed to berthing passageway

Blower located to ensure minimal noise in stateroom

*Specifications subject to change without notice and at the discretion of designers and builders.
**Dimensions are subject to change with Buyer’s selected options and personal effects which may add to displacement and increase both draft and waterline length

Last updated: 7/20/09



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