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72' 3"


65' 0"


21' 0"


7’6” (full load)


240,000 lbs.

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For years, we at P.A.E. had fielded requests from Nordhavn enthusiasts – as well as existing Nordhavn owners – who wanted us to build something larger than our venerable 62. After studying the market and realizing that the need for a bigger Nordhavn did exist, we developed the Nordhavn 72. The simple goal of this new model was not merely to extend the length of our then flagship, but rather to create a small super yacht: true to the rugged ocean going heritage of other Nordhavns while at once stunning in her elegance, beauty, fit and finish, systems and engineering.

After years of effort, naval architect Jeff Leishman, along with the design and engineering team at P.A.E., and the Taiwanese builders at our partner factory, Ta Shing, have more than exceeded their goals with the spectacular Nordhavn 72.

From the outset of this project, we knew that the Nordhavn 72 would be a boat that would take P.A.E. to the next level. The stylish interior is replete with crown moldings, granite, leather, well-engineered lighting, soffets, the finest appliances, exquisite woodworking and much more. At the same time, the fundamental DNA of Nordhavn is not forgotten. There are numerous handrails, half-inch tempered glass windows, dogged doors, watertight bulkheads and the many other features which are essential for safe operation offshore.

Meanwhile, the standard equipment list for the Nordhavn 72 is so complete that no regular options list is provided. Chilled water air conditioning, TRAC stabilizers, bow and stern thrusters, Marquipt davit, wing engine, dry exhaust, windlass and ground tackle, and much more are standard. Add an electronics package, shore boats, and your personal items, and you’re on your way.

The highly developed standard AC and DC electrical systems on the N72 achieve a new level of sophistication for Nordhavn and allow for semi-automatic operation of this feature packed vessel by a small crew or even one couple.

The standard propulsion configuration of the N72 is classic Nordhavn. The single main engine is the highly respected John Deere 6135AFM in the 500 hp configuration and with its 25,000 hour life expectancy, should outlast most of us. Dry exhaust and keel cooling are standard as is the Lugger wing engine.

The N72 is also available in a twin engine configuration. Through clever design and forethought during the tooling phase of the project, keel molds for the twin engine layout were built which can be inserted into the main hull mold prior to lamination. This feature provides twin keels and protection for the shafts and propellers of the twin screw layout.

Another choice that the buyer of an N72 is given is whether or not to have a bulbous bow or conventional bow. The N72 hull mold has two different bow configurations (conventional and bulbous) which are interchangeable and are set up prior to hull lamination. The bulbous bow provides benefits but also has an unpleasant side to it and thus has become somewhat controversial in recent years. We will discuss with you your intended use of your Nordhavn 72 and help you decide which bow configuration is right for you.

Upon seeing this spectacular vessel, it’s no surprise that 18 months were spent in the tooling and mold-building phase of the project alone. Hundreds of large and small highly polished molds were required to build the 72 in gleaming gelcoat finished GRP (fiberglass) construction. In fact, recognizing the complexity of this design, Ta Shing built a new 50,000 square-foot annex solely for the purpose of producing these boats in a steady and efficient manner. The factory is capable of building four 72s per year.

Buying a Nordhavn 72 need not be stressful or risky. The N72 is fundamentally a fiberglass production boat built in molds on an established production schedule by a highly competent team, which has been together for 30 years. Scheduled completion dates are sacrosanct to us and are met exactly or within a few days or weeks. Systems, engineering and performance are solid, well-developed and proven. You can inspect existing N72s to examine the fit and finish and get a feel for their refined ergonomics. Sea trial a 72 to experience the smoothness, low noise levels, sea kindliness and comfort. And, within the “production boat” safety, you can still customize your Nordhavn with décor, equipment and features to achieve your desires. No two N72s will be alike, but all will share the same quality, seaworthiness, factory support and excellent resale value.

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