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Construction Details

The middle of the ocean is no place to worry about your boat, which is one reason why Nordhavns are built to extremely heavy scantlings and construction details. The in-water portion of the hull structure is a solid laminate of fiberglass using vinylester resin with a network of full-length, longitudinal and transverse stringers. P.A.E. believes a series of solid laminates in the hull bottom is superior to cored construction, especially because reduced weight is not a requirement with full-displacement designs. The heavier scantlings to which Nordhavns are built not only enhance the overall quality and feel of the boat, they also contribute to its long-term life and resale value. Forward sections feature extra laminates for collision protection, and watertight bulkheads and doors are provided where specifications require.

The main decks are a continuous fiberglass laminate, stem to stern, adding to the strength and level of finish. The wheelhouse, Portuguese bridge, salon and bulwarks separate from an advanced multi-part mold in one piece, ensuring a strong structure free of joints and potential leaks and cracks. All exterior horizontal walking surfaces have been finished with a fine diamond-patterned non-skid. Great care has gone into the detailing of the deck tooling with relieved waterways, hardware bases, hatch bosses, hawseholes and more. When one has the opportunity of seeing a Nordhavn up close, careful attention should be given to its hull and cabin sides. Because all female molds are l00% tooled and highly polished, one will see a beautiful, glossy, smooth surface that represents the very finest in fiberglass yacht building.

Much of the hardware used on Nordhavns is custom made to P.A.E. specifications, and is of the highest-grade stainless steel. Hatches, doors, windows, deck boxes, storage bins and lazarettes are all built to take decades of strenuous use. There are no compromises in quality, no shoddy workmanship, no poor finishes and no cutting of corners to save money. Over the years, P.A.E. has found that whenever there is a choice between doing it right and saving a few dollars, doing it right is the only option. P.A.E. knows its customers will be depending on their boat to take them across oceans, and there can be no room for second best in materials or workmanship.


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