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Electrical/Mechanical Systems

Because Nordhavns must function for long periods of time while at sea or at anchor, a great amount of attention has been given to their electrical and mechanical systems. There is an old truism that electricity and salt water don't mix, and only through careful planning, meticulous execution and quality components will a boat's electrical and mechanical system perform flawlessly. To begin with, all electrical and mechanical work is done to comply with applicable regulations and published boat-building standards. In many cases the degree of engineering design and quality workmanship that goes into the working mechanisms and systems of each Nordhavn is far above the level required by established boat-building codes and guidelines.

On all Nordhavns only the highest grade tinned wiring is used throughout, and each model's electrical panel is custom made to suit that boat's requirements. Separate circuit breakers are specified for all AC and DC powered equipment, and thoughtful, practical approaches to power generation and distribution have been taken based on years of experience in building offshore vessels. Where required, backup systems or parallel circuits are specified, as Nordhavns are expected to be self-sufficient as they cruise in all parts of the world.

P.A.E. has also become an expert in the world of marine hydraulics, as the power requirements of added accessory equipment have become more demanding. Hydraulic power is often utilized for the windlass, bow and stern thrusters, active fin stabilizers and high-capacity bilge pump systems.

Each Nordhavn model has an extensive list of standard equipment, and P.A.E. provides expert engineering recommendations on the installation of any accessory that may be desirable in outfitting the ideal passagemaker.


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