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Nordhavn – A New Era

As mentioned earlier, with the N86 and N120 Nordhavn has officially entered the mega-yacht and super-yacht market. Nordhavn received its first order for an N86 in 2005 and, by early 2011, was in the process of delivering Hull No. 9 of the N86 and well underway on the construction of Hull No. 1 of the N120.

Being able to cross an ocean in comfort and safety is simply a basic requirement for yachts of this grand scale. Thanks to its long and successful history of building smaller mostly owner-operated vessels capable of global passage, Nordhavn’s learning curve for stepping into the mega-yacht and super-yacht market was short indeed. The knowledge, competency and ability were already in place, and the Nordhavn crew was ready, willing and eager to take it to the next level – and in a little more than five years Nordhavn has established itself as a leading builder of luxury mega-yachts and super-yachts as well as the first name in true oceangoing passagemakers.

From the N40 to the N120 and all points in between, solid construction fundamentals, a commitment to safety and comfort, reliable mechanical and electrical systems, classy and long-lasting interiors, and a do-it-right instead of do-it-cheap attitude are at the heart and soul of every Nordhavn.


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