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Stability is Key

One of Nordhavn’s principle guarantees to owners is the ability to cross any sea or ocean in safety AND comfort. Thanks to proven design techniques and continuous advances in stabilization technologies, Nordhavn is able to offer boats that go way beyond taking the edge off of rough conditions, which makes the experience of transiting an ocean, or even circumnavigating the globe, accessible to those who might normally shun such an adventure due to motion issues.

P.A.E. has given a great amount of attention to determining the right combination of ultimate stability and roll period with the Nordhavns. Too much initial stability` and the boat will feel like it's "snapping" from one side to the other once it encounters rough conditions. Too little initial stability, and the boat will roll easily even in small seas. Finding the right roll period, or the frequency with which it rolls from side to side, is as much an art as it is a science, and it is important that a comfortable rate of roll is achieved through proper hull shape and location of the ship's center of gravity.

Tank testing for ideal hull shape and careful attention to weight distribution are crucial to the seakeeping characteristics of each Nordhavn. To minimize the danger of a knockdown and enhance their righting ability, all Nordhavns are ballasted with an amount that is approximately l0% of their unloaded displacement.

Through years of development, a number of stabilizing systems have been found to be highly effective on Nordhavns. Active fin stabilizers are the current method of choice for most Nordhavn owners. They are especially effective at the typical cruising speeds of a full-displacement hull and they dramatically improve the level of comfort even in mild sea conditions. After several years of use on Nordhavns, they have proven themselves reliable and ready to the task.

Passive paravane systems, sometimes referred to as "flopper stoppers,” are also popular thanks to their ability to reduce roll while at anchor and the fact they require virtually no maintenance – and, when stabilization is not required, they can be pulled out of the water to prevent unnecessary drag.
P.A.E. has extensive experience in engineering and fitting paravanes to the N47, N43 and N40.


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