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Model: Nordhavn 76
Hull no: 21
Boat name: Sweet Hope II
Sales office: Nordhavn Europe Ltd.
Salesman: Neil Russell
Project manager: Garrett Severen
Factory: Ta Shing Yacht Building Co. Taiwan
Shipping arrival port: San Diego
Commissioning location: Dana Point, CA
Flybridge or Non-flybridge: Flybridge
Aft or Forward Pilothouse: Forward Pilothouse
Single or Twin engines: Single MTU Series 60
Layout: See Drawing
Owners’ residence: United Kingdom
Customer cruising plans: Alaska.. then the world

Notes about this boat:
Sweet Hope II is hull #21 of this model  group generally referred to as the Nordhavn 76. This model line is available in a hull length of 72 feet or 76 feet and with a "pilot house aft" or "pilot house forward" deck configuration. Sweet Hope II is a "pilot house forward" configuration on the 76 foot hull.  Only one other N76 has been built with the pilot house forward configuration. The salon area has been designed and built as a "wide body". The owner of Sweet Hope II has moved up to his new boat from a Nordhavn 64 which was also a forward pilot house design.  Additionally, Sweet Hope II features an extended boat deck which provides a lovely large cockpit area for entertaining and which is protected from the sun and weather.