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"Nordhavn 35 Debuts in Long Beach"
By Georgs Kolesnikovs


The striking new Nordhavn 35 Coastal Pilot, the first semi- displacement power cruiser from Nordhavn, will have its first pubic showing at West Marine Trawler Fest at Long Beach, California, November 1-4.
The 35 represents a radical departure for Pacific Asian Enterprises. Twelve years after it launched the first Nordhavn 46 to start a line of full-displacement power voyagers that now also includes a 50, 57 and 62, and more than 20 years after it started business building Mason bluewater sailboats.

The new 35 looks radically different from other semi-displacement trawlers, sporting an aft-based pilothouse with forward-sloping windows and an expedition-style mast complete with a crow's nest. It definitely is a one-couple boat, with no attempt to maximize sleeping accommodations. With displacement in the 25,000-pound range, the 35 is no lightweight.

The 35's distinctive look is reminiscent of traditional pilots boats rushing about their business, even in nasty weather, with a slight nod to Fisher pilothouse motorsailers out of the U.K.

Ten of the new 35s were sold by the time Hull #1 arrived in PAE's home port of Dana Port from Taiwan a month ago. Jim Leishman and his associates have hit the mark in the semi-displacement market as readily as they have done for the past 12 years in full-displacement trawlers.
When the concept for the 35 was unveiled 18 months ago, Leishman said PAE aimed to produce a coastal cruiser that was a genuine all-weather boat, one that would not have to hide in harbors when the weather piped up.

He also said the 35 would be first model in a line of semi-displacement power cruisers, an announcement that likely wasn't met with glee by every boat manufacturer in the market already. Nordhavn will certainly be market force to be reckoned with, especially at the higher end.

A Nordhavn That Surfs!
"After the boat was offloaded at Long Beach, we ran down to Dana Point, surfing the waves all the way." Iin describing the delivery to Nordhavn's home port after Hull #1 arrived from the Ta Shing yard in Taiwan. PAE has been building boats at Ta Shing for more than 20 years, starting with the Masons and now including the Nordhavn 57 and 62.

Merrill reported that with the six-cylinder Yanmar humming at 2,500 rpm, the 35 seems "ready to run at 9 knots for days." At that speed, fuel burn might be 5 gph, providing for a range of almost 900 nautical miles.

With the first prop still on the boat, top speed is 12 knots, not the 15 knots that was the design target. The first 35 came in about 3,000 pounds overweight, Merrill said, as the Ta Shing yard is accustomed to overbuilding rather scrimping on the full-displacement boats that it has been producing for PAE. The extra weight will be engineered out of later hulls without affecting strength or stiffness.

Other than that, Merrill said, the first 35 has met all expectations during its first 60 hours afloat. It is PAE's own boat and will serve as a demonstrator on the West Coast. Last weekend, Jim and Sue Leishman took the 35 on an overnight cruise to Catalina Island. Reportedly, all systems, including the newly installed BBQ, worked faultlessly.

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Basic Specifications for the New 35:

LOA 35' 4 3/4"
LWl 33' 4"
DRAFT 13' 2"
PC .64
D/L 270
POWER 1- 350hp Yanmar 6LY STE
BASE PRICE $349,000

The Yanmar engine is the first turbocharged unit installed on a Nordhavn, and, interestingly, is rated at 350 hp, a higher rating than the 325-hp naturally aspirated Lugger on the largest Nordhavn, the majestic 62.
Hull #2 is already in transit to its owner in Savannah, Georgia. Hull #3 will be used to give the 35 its first east-coast showing, in February at the Miami boat show.

Historical footnote: Pacific Asian Enterprises is not the first builder of full-displacement trawler yachts to move into the semi-displacement market. Four years ago, Kadey-Krogen Yachts launched the Krogen Express, thus, finding success in both markets.

Leading Makes and a New Model Showing at Trawler Fest

The new Nordhavn 35 Coastal Pilot won't be the only new model being shown during Trawler Fest at Long Beach.

Sultan Boat Works will show the distinctive Sultan 52 LRC built by Seahorse Marine in China. Bill Kimley, the owner of Seahorse Marine, will be in attendance at Long Beach. Kimley has lived and worked in China for many years, and has cultivated a reputation as a builder of remarkably priced trawler yachts in fiberglass as well as steel.

Despite its LRC moniker, the Sultan 52 is a semi-displacement pilothouse trawler powered by twin 120-hp Cummins fed from a 650-gallon fuel tank. Built in fiberglass, the Sultan is imported by Britt Kennard.

Lenard Lee of Ballena Bay Yacht Brokers will show the Nordic Tug 37 but also have information on the new Nordic Tug 52 coming down the pike next year.

Showing at Long Beach:

  • Pacific Asian Enterprises, Nordhavn 35 Coastal Pilot
  • Mainship & Voyager Marine, Mainship 34 Pilot
  • Oviatt Marine, DeFever 44+5
  • Oviatt Marine, Martini 21
  • Oviatt Marine, Martini 18
  • Pacific Asian Enterprises, Nordhavn 46
  • Pacific Asian Enterprises, Nordhavn 57
  • Sultan Boat Works, Sultan 52 LRC
  • Holiday Marine Sales, Symbol 42 Classic Trawler
  • De Fever Yachts, Heritage 36
  • Ballena Bay Yacht Brokers, Nordic Tug 37
  • Stan Miller Yachts, Grand Banks, model unknown press time
  • Voyager Marine, Mainship 430 Trawler
  • Voyager Marine, Mainship 30 Pilot

Orange Coast Marine, Ocean Alexander 450 Classico Sedan
There likely will be used trawlers on display, too.
You'll be able to "Try a Trawler" at Trawler Fest, thanks to Mainship and Nordhavn providing on-water orientation cruises with the Nordhavn 35 Coastal Pilot and a Mainship 34 Pilot.

Additionally, at West Marine Trawler Fest, many participants who arrive by boat also open their trawlers to other registered guests during the Trawler Fest Trawler Crawl. In other words, Trawler Fest is much more than a boat show, and there are no long lines anywhere.

If you're just getting into cruising under power, there is no better place to start than Long Beach. There you'll be able to inspect boats in the water, learn a great deal from the seminars, and talk to people who are already enjoying the wonderful trawler lifestyle.

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