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By zuzana prochazka


the transom, and a large ice-maker is 

in the cockpit console. Two rod hold- 
ers per side should make it easy to get 
A gentlemAn’s sportfisher
hooked up, and fresh- and saltwater 
washdowns allow you to rinse off any 
hen you think Nordhavn, you probably think long-distance trawlers ish blood and muck and then get the 
with paravanes, yachts that scoot along at 10 knots. Well, think again. salt off yourself.

The builder of Nordhavn yachts went against type and came out with a On the bow is a single bow roller 
new kind of high-end yacht, a sportisher that eschews the Nordhavn exterior and easy access to the anchor locker 

lines and will do 30 knots. Meet the new Toro 60, a fast, playful yacht that is so where you will ind a Quick windlass; 
customizable, a ishing aicionado is sure to ind a lavor he can’t live without.
in my experience, that brand lives up 

to its name. One thing I’d like to see 
is chocks that lead dock lines to the The Toro 60 is represented by in yachting style. One thing I’ve noted 

cleats, as that helps with chafe as well Nordhavn and is built in the same repeatedly is that a sportisher actu- 

as better line angles when tying up.
yard, but it doesn’t carry the Nordhavn ally makes a fantastic dive boat. All 
name. Broker Eric Leishman noted that cockpit room provides a place to 
FlYing Free on 
The FlYbridge
that this boat was designed and built suit up, store tanks and dry off after a 
to absorb temporary excess capac- great dive. Water access is easy, and 

The steps up from the cockpit to the ity in the Xiamen yard and, there- there’s plenty of room belowdecks for 
lybridge are well built and placed, fore, it was left open to interpreta- an air compressor. Most importantly, 

which means anyone unsteady on his tion in terms of the market and how this boat will get you to and from the 
feet or carrying anything up top should future owners would be using it. diving (and ishing) grounds quickly, 

have an easy time of it. Here, the hard- The Toro 60 is a sportisher, and while so extended runs can still be done in a 
top extends over both the helm and the it can do some bashing, it is no battle- day or a weekend.

socializing area, which is just forward. wagon. It’s likely to ind a market with Now, if you’re intent on ishing, 
The overhead can stand alone, but it an owner who wants to ish occasion- there are some nice features. A live- 

makes a nice starting point for an able
ally but otherwise make coastal cruises
well with a viewing port is built into

30 Sea Magazine / april 2015

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