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Welcome to the brokerage section of nordhavn.com.  We have prepared our listings by region for your convenience, or you can click on the entire list.  We invite you toread through the following listings (updated regularly) and take note of what type of features and equipment are installed.   By studying the details in our brokerage offerings, browsing the other areas of this website and reviewing your questions with a Nordhavn sales professional, you will be in the best position to make your dreams come true. 

1)  There is a lot to choose from

With over 400 Nordhavns now built and out roaming the world there are a great number of opportunities available for the adventurous person like you who is getting ready to explore the seas.  We can provide you with individual model specifications, factory and delivery options pricing, DVD films about our adventures and company, copies of Circumnavigator, our in-house magazine which highlights the trawler lifestyle and much, much more!

2) These are Ocean crossing yachts

Nordhavns are very specialized yachts.  Each of our full displacement models is developed for ocean crossing performance and features solid fiberglass hulls, Portuguese bridge decks and engineered systems to assure reliability.  Purchasing a yacht that will carry you across oceans should not be entered into lightly, or alone.  We have a sales staff comprised of two dozen experts who can and should be involved to insure you take advantage of the knowledge you need and are given proper guidance to make the most of your purchase.

3) Brokerage is an active part of the Nordhavn business

Brokerage (used) Nordhavns are a large and important part of our business and each sales associate is a trained professional with years (sometimes decades) of boating knowledge and hundreds of hours at sea aboard our yachts.   Working with someone who has already “been there and done that” will make your buying experience much more satisfying and will likely develop into a lasting friendship.  Yes, we also build new yachts (and often times many of the boats available as today’s used Nordhavns are put up for sale because their sellers are already planning for their next new Nordhavn!).

4)  Each Nordhavn model has a wide variety of choices

Each Nordhavn design has had a natural evolution as we continually upgrade and improve all aspects of the build process.  What should you be looking for when comparing different model years?   All new Nordhavns are sold by our company directly to individuals (there are no dealers or middlemen).  We spend months going over details with each client to ensure the end product is optimized for the type of cruising intended. 

5)  Make your search more productive

I give all of my clients two pieces of advice as they enter this process to purchase a Nordhavn:

  • Buy the smallest boat that is big enough (get on as many boats as you can to see how you fit and what you need).  Most clients are happier if they can find a smaller boat at a lower price than stretching to afford a larger Nordhavn that is more costly to maintain and puts a strain on their budget.  Only you can make this assessment and it can only be accomplished by getting aboard as many Nordhavns as possible.
  • Study the used Nordhavn market carefully; your best value will be a well maintained brokerage boat.  Buying used saves you time and money plus you get to see exactly what you are getting and have the advantages of knowing what to expect as a result of your surveyor’s findings.  You may determine that a new boat is your best course, and, if so, you will know exactly what you want.

6)  When you buy a Nordhavn you get more than what you pay for

The resale value legacy of the Nordhavn brand is one of our strongest assets.  A boat built rugged and tough on the outside, and luxurious on the inside does not go out of style.  Our systems engineering designed to propel you to distant shores also includes easy access for maintenance and repairs.  It may appear a bit of a financial stretch to join the Nordhavn fleet, but your investment will be rewarded when your cruising ends and you list your boat for sale.  You need to enter this arena with an exit strategy – your sales associate can advise on important decisions to evaluate like if you should seek a flybridge, whether you are better off with a wide body or double walkway around the salon, what brand of stabilizers is best and so on through all of the key components.  Knowledge is power and the more you know about Nordhavn the easier it will be for you to make up your mind and the happier you will be.

7)  Working with a Nordhavn sales expert gives you a huge advantage

When you have settled on a model and are ready to make an offer we have the legal forms and a secure brokerage trust account to protect you during this process.  Nordhavn salesmen specialize in this market and know what comparable boats have sold for and can help you negotiate the best price.  Buying a used Nordhavn and spending a considerable sum for that privilege can be a stressful process with a lot of decisions to be made in a compressed time frame; we are trained to help make this a pleasurable experience.  We can help you prepare by putting you in touch with the top legal, insurance and finance experts in our field.  We can also connect you with current Nordhavn owners to seek their advice and solicit their opinions on what works and what doesn’t.  And, often times, a Nordhavn changes hands yet never comes up on the open market. We know who is planning to sell and who is looking for their boat well in advance and can give you inside information to react swiftly.

8)  Beware of independents

Independent yacht brokers don’t have the product knowledge or depth of experience to help you navigate through all of your choices.  Each Nordhavn sales person is actively involved with Nordhavn – every day!  We know what is happening and what is going to happen.  We can show you new boats and used boats and constructively compare the differences to help you make an informed decision.  Quite simply, outside brokers can’t compete, but they try with come-ons like posturing to be a buyer’s representative. Don’t fall into this trap.  Nordhavn sales reps have new and used Nordhavns at their sales docks and can set up appointments for you to view any Nordhavn available anywhere in the world.

9) After-sale support is a key Nordhavn advantage

Training is another key component to enjoying your new Nordhavn.  From docking, anchoring and basic operations to engine checks and fuel transferring you deserve to learn first hand from an experienced professional.  Reviewing the comprehensive Nordhavn operator’s manual (delivered with each new Nordhavn built since 2000) is very reassuring.  Your Nordhavn sales representative can also provide you access to spare parts, upgrade recommendations and question time with the project managers. There is a lot to gain by working your purchase through Nordhavn including gaining the experience and confidence to know that you ARE ready to take off on your own.

10) Nordhavn works for free (well, actually the seller pays…)

Perhaps the best part of all is that it doesn’t cost you a dime more to have Nordhavn on your side.  The seller pays the commission and you as the buyer not only get a great deal on the boat; you get a great deal of support that is not available anywhere else.





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Name That Boat

March 17, 2008

Lots of Nordhavn owners send us photos of their boats in beautiful or unusual settings, which is great because that means we can post them to our Photo Gallery and share them with you. When I saw that one of my customers, Marty Ellison, had e-mailed me a photo of his Nordhavn 55, "Tenacious", I promptly took the step of forwarding it along to be submitted for the website. But I stopped short of pressing send and reconsidered. This is a very unique shot! Unique enough that it warrants an equally clever caption. So I pass the task on to you, the readers of nordhavn.com. If you think you can wordsmith your way into providing a proper caption for this photo, please submit it to us. We'd love to see what you come up with! Please send entries to amy@nordhavn.com by March 23. The best ones will be featured on nordhavn.com next week and the winner will win a free Nordhavn cap.

By the way, let me use this opportunity to re-extend to all you Nordhavn owners out there the invitation to send us your great Nordhavn shots. We're still looking for super images to be featured in next year's calendar. You can submit them to amy@nordhavn.com. Don't forget, there are a few Nordhavn calendars left that can still be had for cheap!


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