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Update on the N120: Tooling phase complete
Construction of Hull #1 to commence next month

March 24, 2009

Today marks an important milestone in the progress of the Nordhavn 120 project. After 9 months and nearly 50,000 man hours of labor, the massive N120 hull mold has been completed on schedule.

The attached photos show the mold pieces (finished in red gel coat) being removed from the hull “plug” (finished in blue gel coat). The photos show the mold pieces being moved into the ABS approved climate controlled lamination room where they will be reassembled into one unit so that lamination can begin in May on the giant one piece N120 hull.

The N120 hull will be the largest one piece fiberglass part ever produced by PAE and the hull mold is one of the larger if not the largest highly polished hull molds in the world. Or, let’s say this with certainty ... With the worldwide recession in full swing, the N120 hull mold is definitely the largest and grandest hull mold produced anywhere in the world so far in 2009.

Concurrent with the N120 hull mold project, hundreds of other plugs and molds for the N120 project are under construction so that they will be ready to meet the carefully orchestrated timeline established to complete hull #1 in mid 2011.

When we look at the N120 molds just released, it is quite satisfying for us to gaze on this monstrous multi-million dollar chunk of precision fiberglass knowing that it will be with us for the next 20 years and will produce dozens of our Nordhavn flagship- the N120.


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