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2009 Nordhavn Calendar launches

By Amy Zahra

P.A.E. is pleased to announce its brand new 2009 calendar, Nordhavns Around The World.  The premier edition was such a huge success that we felt it necessary to continue the tradition this year.  We are proud of the near and far places our customers have been to in their boats; you may have read in detail about them on our Distance Pennant Program section. Our calendar series enables you to get a stunning visual of our owners’ journeys in big, full-color pages. The striking and awe-inspiring backdrops will be sure to inspire the adventurer in you!

Our goal is to make this calendar a yearly event, but in order to do so, we need the help of our customers. All Nordhavn owners and enthusiasts are encouraged to submit photos of Nordhavns in beautiful locations for consideration in the next edition. Please e-mail your high resolution photos with a caption of the boat name, location, boat owners' names and photographer's name to amy@nordhavn.com.

We received many fabulous photos for this edition (we wish we could use them all!), and want to thank all of those customers who submitted their shots.  Please check them out in our website photo gallery.

If you are interested in purchasing Nordhavns Around The World or any other Nordhavn merchandise, please visit our online store.

We hope that the Nordhavn calendar will be the perfect holiday gift for the cruiser or cruiser wannabe in your life!


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