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November 5, 2014

We are thrilled to once again present you with our annual
Nordhavn calendar, Nordhavns Around The World. 

We have come to expect amazing and far-reaching itineraries from our adventurous owners and are always astonished with the truly spectacular photo-documentations of their travels. Thanks to them, we offer the 2015 edition of the Nordhavn calendar, which takes us on a journey to the far corners of North America from Washington state, Maine and Alaska in the U.S., north to Canada and down to Baja California, Mexico. We are also led across the pond to Italy and Greece in Europe; to the South Pacific via the New Zealand fiords; as well as the exotic and tropical Malaysia and its extreme opposite, the glaciered pristine Greenland.

Many of our models are represented, including the venerable Nordhavn 46, with Starlet proudly displayed in October, while our flagship, the Nordhavn 120, is featured with Aurora in November.  This year’s cover is the stunning Nordhavn 63, Operata de, running along the Seattle shore (also shown in the month of September).

Thanks again to those owners, captains and Nordhavn fans who submitted their incredible shots for consideration.  We couldn’t make this happen without your support. 

To order your copy, please visit our Nordhavn online store.  While you’re there, you’ll find some new hoodies, jackets and vests in outerwear as well as some new Nordhavn caps.  Hopefully you can knock a few items off your holiday shopping list!

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