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And Now The Fun Begins.........


What is it like to take off in your new yacht after almost two years of planning and preparation? The 2 couples who own Nordhavn 4303 Endurance   are experiencing that right now as they take a week off from work to have a Mexican honeymoon on their brand new Nordhavn.

Last Friday afternoon, Carol Stogsdill and Steve Stroud along with boat partners Kurt and Susan Antonius invited the crew of PAE to join them in a celebration of their new pride and joy.   A group of about 40 Nordhavn employees, Nordhavn owners, subcontractors, friends and family joined in to congratulate the Endurance team on a their beautiful new trawler.   This casual dock gathering took place with a nice spread of hors d'oeuvres and frosty beverages and included self-serve tours of this beautifully put together new Nordhavn.

There was a very positive vibe on the dock as everyone in attendance had played a part in making this day arrive and bring the project together.   Kurt was in a particularly good mood and pulled me aside to joke about what a great deal it is to have boat partners, "Everything is 50% off!"

As the sun set, the Stroud/Antonius contingent asked for everyone's attention and then spoke from the heart about how grateful they all were that their boat buying experience had been so gratifying.   They were thoughtful and careful to thank the many people responsible for helping them realize the spectacular occasion, then shared their excitement and anticipation of looking forward to many years cruising aboard Endurance and enjoying the Nordhavn lifestyle.

The assembled crowd relocated to the seawall to watch as the team of four stood proudly on the foredeck with two netted champagne bottles firmly clutched in anticipation of the ceremonial christening.   Smiling as we all watched from the sidelines, I had to chuckle as Carol perched up on the bow and stated, "To the best damn boat Nordhavn ever built" and then she and Susan simultaneously cracked glass on stainless and shampooed the foredeck with champagne.   I've never attended a co-christening before, but clearly they are going to have doubly good luck wherever they travel.

If you want to hear more about the process of buying a Nordhavn or would like to receive some literature and pricing on one of our models please send me an email at jeff.merrill@nordhavn.com . In the meantime I send best wishes for safe travels to the crew of Endurance. Please keep us posted on your wanderings.

On the drive home I had time to reflect on the fact that all of us who participate in this lifestyle are fortunate to work so closely with such fun and passionate people.   Being able to participate in making someone else's dream come true is one fantastic way to make a living.   After all of the time, energy and effort the crew of 4303 has endured to get to this point, the best is still to come... now the fun begins!  


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