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Nordhavns Buddy

This summer, Scott and Mary Flanders, owners of a Nordhavn 46, Egret, will embark on a journey of a lifetime when they take their boat from Europe to New Zealand by way of Cape Horn. The couple plans to depart Gibraltar in August and will spend 16 months on their oceans-crossing voyage.

But first they are seeing as much of Europe as possible. Having left Turkey last month where they had been laid up for the winter, the Flanders are working their way down the eastern Mediterrnean and are currently in Greece.

"Egret" was one of the 18 boats to participate in the Nordhavn Atlantic
Rally (link to NAR section) in 2004. They have enjoyed Europe over the past two years, but are anxious to see more parts of the globe. Their voyage to New Zealand will be covered extensively on nordhavn.com. For now, you can
read about "Egret's" current adventures by clicking here.