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Information Center Press Releases

These days, hearing of a Nordhavn about to embark on a 2,300 nm non-stop cruise is becoming less of a big deal. Several Nordhavns have made such a trip in the past month, so last week’s christening/bon voyage party of Nordhavn 55#1, Honu Kai, was definitely more in celebration of the owners, Bill and Wanda Heaman, than of the journey to Hawaii they were about to head out on just hours later.

Any display of nerves by the crew was almost non-existent – perhaps due to the flow of champagne and beer on the docks, but more likely because of the confidence they had in their brand new boat. It’s true that lots of buyers shy away from first hulls because the factory has not had the chance to work out bugs that may come up. But the Heamans seemed unwavered by that notion. With a gathering of about 50 friends, PAE staff and vendors to see them off, the Heamans appeared excited and eager to get underway. “We don’t have any reservations despite this being the first big trip,” Bill said.

True, the only other voyage of any distance they’ve taken on Honu Kai was a 110 nm round-trip shakedown from Dana Point to San Diego. The trip was uneventful and they expected the same for their cruise to Hawaii. “We should have tradewind conditions for most of the trip,” Bill said casually.

Shortly after the party broke up, the Heamans, along w/ their 3-man crew which included a PAE staffer, a captain and a friend, headed out on the eve of June 30. They figured the trip would take them 13 ½ days. Over the holiday weekend, the Heamans checked in with us to let us know that all was well. Situated at 30/41 N and 121/52W, they’ve been maintaining a nice speed of 7.8 kts at 1500 RPH, burning fuel at a rate of 5 GPH. “Everything is well and we are having a great time,” Bill writes. “Music CDs, fishing, movies on DVD and eating have been the order of the days. Last night was Filet Mignon for dinner. We [have been] looking forward to this experience!”

Dave Harlow spoke to Wylie Hurd (PAE staffer on board) shortly after Bill’s report. “The John Deere engine is working perfectly and has been getting daily computer check-ups with no problems so far,” Wylie said.  He was also happy to report that they caught their first fish, a 10-pound Dorado that they served with rice and a nice chardonnay for dinner.