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Progress Report on the Nordhavn 64

Nordhavn 64 - Hull #1

The much-anticipated Nordhavn 64 project is moving along on schedule for the first boat to be completed and shipped in August of 2005. Lamination of hull #1 has commenced and the deck plug tooling is nearing completion. In a series of events which has repeated itself many times in the past, the veteran Ta Shing workforce will complete the deck mold and the subsequent molding of the first deck so that it will be ready on a "just in time" basis to join with the first hull on the production line.

Based on the extensive standard specifications and elegant style of the Nordhavn 72, the N64 has caught the eye of many Nordhavn aficionados. Included in the base price is a long list of standard features, this lovely vessel is already turning heads even before the first boat is delivered. PAE currently has a backlog of 7 orders on the N64 and is chomping at the bit to get this model into regular production.

As a sidebar to the above narrative, please note the close-up photo of N64 #1 which shows how Nordhavn treats the rub rail structure. You will notice that the molded rub rail is reinforced on the inside by a precision fit hardwood backbone. The backbone is bedded in polyester putty and then glassed into position. So, the brutally heavy rub rails consists of:

  • Exterior stainless steel rub rail of solid plate 3/8" thick

  • Solid FRP hull lamination about ¾" thick

  • Hardwood filler block about 3" thick

  • Internal FRP lay-up over filler block about 3/8" thick

This rub rail is ready for heavy contact with nasty pilings, other boats or that 3rd world commercial fuel dock with heavy surge.

The boat will arrive in Dana Point, California some time next September and will be available for inspection.




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