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Nordhavn 72 Hull 1 mast
72 #1 Flybridge
July 2004

Nordhavn 64 Tooling

The tooling and mold building process of the new Nordhavn 64 project is moving along smoothly and on schedule. Those of you who followed the progress of the Nordhavn 72 project on our web site from announcement to completion of hull #1 will see a familiar process underway.

The attached photos taken on July 20, 2004 show construction of the “plugs” which will be used to make the molds for the hull and the deck. The hull plug (finished in yellow gel coat) is receiving its final micro polishing before the mold is formed over it. The deck plug project is following two months later, so it is still in the framing stages. Look at the photos closely, and you can some of the lovely curves, angles and shapes that Jeff Leishman has designed into this boat. Some say that the Nordhavn 64 is Jeff’s most beautiful boat ever and the exquisitely beautiful forms that are taking shape certainly support that.

Lamination and construction of hull #1 is scheduled to commence in December of this year.





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