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Progress Report on the Nordhavn 72/76 Project

The Nordhavn 72 and 76 projects are in full production swing and the capacity of our partner factory Ta Shing’s, second plant built is being very much realized. Built in 2002/2003 for the sole purpose of first producing the Nordhavn 72 at a rate of four boats per year, the scope of this facility’s functionality expanded as the aft pilothouse deck was introduced as well as the optional extension to 76 feet. These large fundamental additions to the project required dozens of additional molds for tanks, tables, shower stalls, seating, doors and much more. Add to this the great ideas and requests of the early buyers such as swim step extensions, hard tops, and deck boxes and you can see that the N72/76 project has had a huge amount of time, money and energy invested by PAE.

We are happy to report that the “spade work” of design, engineering and tooling for the N72/76 project is behind us and all energies and resources of the factory and PAE staff are now directed towards production. Plant #2 is at full song as a new boat rolls off the production line every three months.  Hulls #1, 2,and 3 of the N72/76 line have been delivered to the owners and hull #4 was recently launched from the factory on July 24.

Hulls #5, 6 and 7 are under construction on the factory floor and the lamination of hull #8 will commence shortly. The boats now under construction (single engine, twin engine, wide body, double walkway, aft pilot house, standard deck, etc) represent the diversity that is possible from the various mold combinations that are available with this project.