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Nordhavn 72 hull #1 is nearing completion
June 2004

Nordhavn 72 hull #1 is nearing completion and is now receiving her final finishing touches before factory sea trials begin in on July 13. PAE naval architect Jeff Leishman and his staff of engineers and project managers are ecstatic with the outcome of hull #1 and will be in attendance at the Ta Shing yard in Taiwan for the testing prior to shipment of the vessel to California.

"The fit and finish of this new boat is exquisite and exceeds our highest expectations and the engineering and mechanical systems are world class in every respect," says Trever Smith, N72 project manager.

Hull #1 of the N72 project is scheduled to arrive in Dana Point, California on August 15 and will be on display during the final fitting out process prior to delivery to her owner.

With all N72 production tooling complete and orders on the books for the first 12 boats, the N72/76 production line is now in full operation at its maximum capacity of 4 boats per year. Presently, hulls #2 and #3 are on the production line and hull #4 is in the lamination stage.

As previously reported, the design of the molds and tooling for the N72 project allowed for numerous configurations. The choices made by the first 3 buyers illustrate some of the possibilities.

Hull #1- Forward pilot house, single engine, no bulb.
Hull #2- Forward pilot house, twin engine, no bulb.
Hull #3- Aft pilothouse, single engine, bulb, extension to 76 feet.

PAE is proud to state that following their philosophy of "under promise and over deliver", N72 #1 and the N72/76 project in general has been completed on time and to a level of quality, features and workmanship that sets new standards of excellence.


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